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Inner Peace: Y.E.S. spells Yes, Expect and Share

The half-full glass of water — or the silver lining — is always here. I call it "Y.E.S.," and living or practicing this has enabled me to find the good in teaching and coaching for 27 years at both the elementary and middle school level. For sure, at the middle school, lots of high energy and a growing number of students who were very angry, depressed, or very alienated. With my Y.E.S. philosophy and (without bragging) I had a high degree of success in transforming these negative emotions to joy, enthusiasm, and peacefulness.

This philosophy has enabled me to continue to be healthy, physically healthy, and much more peaceful as I move into retirement.

The "Y" continues to remind me that YES I am still that wondrous, enthusiastic, loving, peaceful Child presence. When the ego beckons me to react and become angry or depressed when someone makes a sarcastic or critical remark or I see the violence, or the huge Dow Jones plunge to new lows; I say or whisper the second letter, "E," of YES. That is, EXPECT or see the wondrous, loving, enthusiastic, peaceful Child presence here and now.

It has been my experience that what you expect is what you get in life. Most of us, especially teachers and coaches have seen many youngsters acting out negative expectations of anger, depression and alienation.

Of course, as adults we too see this law of cause and effect acted out in our families, friends and at our jobs. James Allen was very profound when he said, “We are the masters of thought, the molders of character, and the makers and shapers of condition, environment, and destiny.” If we really realized how important and influential our daily thinking or habits are each and every day and hour, we would make a conscious effort to see and expect the upbeat and positive.

It is probably self-evident or obvious that we all want to flood ourselves with these positive thinking and expectations. But, in order to ensure that these show up in our daily lives, we must practice the last and most important letter of YES, which is "S." To SHARE or give these positive experiences of joy, love and peace to family members or open and receptive friends or fellow workers. An amazing thing happens when you do this sharing or giving. These positive aspects keep returning back into your life proving the adage that as you give, you shall receive.

A challenge, dear reader, is to wake up each morning, and go through your day not only just saying and feeling that YES to every experience, even the apparently negative events or news — but really EXPECTING, and KNOWING  and SHARING these joyful, loving, peaceful happenings. Try it for a week and you will be pleasantly surprised that your daily affairs will be incredibly and almost magically upbeat and positive.

Jim Hawes, a retired Medford school teacher, has published "Ageless Child" (Balboa Press, Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble) and is working on his new book, "Ageless Living."

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