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Inner Peace: Who is speaking, the past you or the future you?

Many times we can get caught up in our thoughts and feel lost in them. Our thoughts represent either the past of what has happened that we wish was different, better, or that we had greater wisdom to handle differently. I call that the “what if?” syndrome.

We know more now, becoming wiser from lessons we have learned and yet we wish we would have known that at an earlier time in our life. That would have given us a different outcome in the now. We learned that lesson to become wiser now so in the past you did the best you did with where you were at. You didn’t do anything wrong — rather you learned from what was in front of you at that time in your life.

Our thoughts also can represent the future of what we would love to accomplish. If we have so much attention there instead of the now, we miss out on wonderful opportunities. We go through a process in life. That process is filled with both lessons and creations.

Forcing outcomes to have more joy, love, wealth, health etc. only creates stress and more of what we don’t want. We have such a huge attention focus on getting something that we actually create the blocks to getting it because we are focused on the limitations or lack around what we want.

For example, I met someone a few months ago who desperately wanted to have a baby. Nothing seemed to happen. She said she tried for years. Finally she gave up. She was going to the park and playing with the children there. A few months later, she became pregnant. The act of surrendering and enjoying life allowed for her to focus more on being happy no matter what. Divine order came about and allowed her to become pregnant.

When we allow the creations to come about from a higher power — GOD, the Universe, Source, and Christ — we receive even better outcomes than when we do it from an ego-control centered place. This is because we are getting something far beyond what the human mind can conceive, something new and even more exciting.

I was celebrating a birthday last week. I went into Macy’s and saw a pair of jeans that were so unusual. The price was 25 percent off $100. I didn’t want to spend that amount. I said, “Universe, I would love to buy these jeans as a birthday gift. I would like to buy them for $32. I won’t buy them otherwise.” I took the jeans up to the cashier and asked if the Macy’s birthday coupon I received could be applied toward these jean or any of my other Macy’s coupons. She said no. I asked her to check Macy’s online to see if it is on sale. She checked and didn’t see it on sale. I then left but felt led to check when I got back home. They were on sale for 50 percent off which made them $42. I called Macy’s seeing the white pair had 20 percent additional sale off. I shared how I was celebrating a birthday. She said the 20 percent off would not work on the blue jeans, yet since it was my birthday she would apply the 20 percent off. The jeans came to $32.

By celebrating what we would love to have as if we already have it, we allow ourselves to become an open vessel for greater opportunities to come about. We feel led, inspired, and open to the necessary steps to take. Having patience and faith can seem challenging if we are caught up in the linear time frame of getting it versus the divine order of allowing it. Enjoy what life is now because GOD knows what you want to have.

Focus on being happy and love allowing the magic of life to happen.

Angelica Rose, An Angel Walk-in, is a Universal gifted Angel Messenger, Medium,Inner Spirit Activation Specialist since 1991, a Certified Hypnotist and Author of Ebooks, Relaxation CDs, MP3s, MP4s, Talk on Spiritual Oneness and Inspirational Stickers. For more info, go to www.angelroselove.wix.com/love.

A banner made for the Peace Fence in 2007 that is now on a tile in front of the Ashland library.