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Inner Peace: ‘Wake up! It is late already!’

Peace is always inside because “outer peace” suggests that it is not ours but is outside! And outer peace can’t take you “IN” unless you are an alchemist, which is a rarity, if not impossible, like one in millions or billions!

A real person with absolute peace either is followed by masses or at the same time makes more multitudes of masses real enemies, as they may not have the understanding of truth told by such teachers! There is no other alternative than these two, either to fall in love with such person’s divine being or to contemplate to kill him/her. The majority of the general public’s interest and understanding only allows them to use 5 percent of conscious energy, thus a huge reserve of vital virgin energy they were bestowed at birth as a blessings from beyond is ignored.

It could have made a Buddha with just a turn or changing direction from out to IN if they had shaken of all their dogmas, conditioning and desires. In a busy life one needs to make time to look deeper than the physical looks in the mirror or in the eyes of others.

That is why we miss our own hidden treasure, though we carry it for millions of lives without even a glimpse of it! What a waste of moving or running in circle without reaching to the SELF, which is waiting from time immemorial to be discovered and then celebrate ad-infinitum. But it is a pity and waste of life living in a mundane world of material pleasures racing in many directions. Though we all know that one can’t ride on two horses or sail on two boats at the same time, we still try to ride on many mental horses and dissipate our very special gift of Existential Energy.

We gather pebbles instead of Kohinoor or diamonds on the beach of Life and miss the opportunity to Love, Live and Laugh. We miss an invaluable opportunity to experience the ultimate, which is why we have come to the ultimate rung of the ladder on this evolutionary opportunity. But who cares! We are mad for more and more, which is left behind at the end.

If we don’t wake up in this very present moment then we have forgotten, as time is here and now only in this very present moment. The moment is very precious and we are bent upon competition, greed, jealousy, possessiveness, miserliness, politics, envy, passion and such trivia! Time to wake up!

I am reminded of one such wonderful anecdote. A seeker of truth was doing everything that can be done by a human being, but still salvation was avoiding him/her. Once as per the routine in the early morning while walking to the holy river for a holy dip in river Ganges in Haridwar, India, he/she heard from the nearby hut on the side of the road the voice of a mother, who was waking up her school going son by saying, “My dear Raju, wake up now, as it is late already!” This seeker of truth was in the right place at the right time, because it hit to the core of this traveler of the Truth so thoroughly and the time was ripe and right for the completion of the Inward journey. Self-realization happened instantaneously in that very moment! When it happens, it is like lightening. It depends on us either now or never, as it is just like waking up from the sleep!

This mother never knew that she was the instrument to awaken a soul while trying to wake up her son. This is the way one receives an enlightenment, inner peace, silence or self-realization, if one is open, available and receptive into this very moment. So to be available in the moment is an art for all truth seekers for the inward authentic journey. But one can be asleep in the present moment contemplating and complaining for this or that, even while praying, meditating or while on a pilgrimage! Thankfulness is the only prayer, rather than making existence or fulfilling wishes their God. Time to wake up!

Swami Anand Krishna (Dr. Gokul Gokani) is a retired ears-nose-throat surgeon who has worked in England, India and Africa and has lived in Ashland since 1999. Born in India, he shares the experience of meditation with fellow travelers, is a Reiki Master, Ayurveda counselor, healer and spiritual counselor and teacher of OLLI classes. Email him at dr_gokani@hotmail.com or www.aumawakeningcenter.com.

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