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Inner Peace: Finding ways to transcend the drama

We have seen in recent days the high drama and polarization of our society’s consciousness played out in our government’s stage. This elevated drama is nothing new: Someone has done another person a wrong, they are in trouble, he said-she said, and Mother (the authorities) doesn’t know what to do about it. Our society as a whole and others around the world are being drawn into another episode of “Who Shot JR?” Are we are molding our lives from this drama?

This, of course, is what’s on the surface. This is not about WHO did what to WHOM, WHEN did it happen, and WHO is lying or Who is telling the truth.

What good is unfolding is that we are experiencing the steps to transparency. Transparency in government, transparency in society as a whole, transparency in relationships, transparency in ourselves. We are moving, albeit slowly, to being honest with ourselves.

One of the steps to our openness is the “mute” button is being turned off on women, the larger half of our society. It is painful, but absolutely necessary. We have seen the mute button being removed in the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) movement. We have seen it in racial profiling. The list continues to grow. Painful? Yes, all change is painful when we resist it. The status quo is safe and when we try to change it, society resists it. It hurts, but it must be done.

The recent and current events are divisive; change vs. no-change. This wound needs to be healed, but there will be salt in the wound if we continue to buy into the charades. In order for healing to occur, the drama must be transcended and the only path is with an open mind and open heart.

Condemnation of either or all sides plays into continuance of the drama. CNN and other news outlets play it continuously.

It takes courage to speak up. Once one person does it, others are motivated to do so as well. If one person speaks up and is successful, they will be talked about. If one person speaks up and fails, they will be talked about AND condemned. But by doing so we begin to step into our own natural magnificence, our own unlimited potentiality. This can be scary as it so often happens that this is unfamiliar territory and we resist change. We may be afraid of our own potential. We all must learn to allow our light to shine, our full potential to be lived. This is the only way to grow, to promote healthy change, and to help others.

Healing will only take place when we stop making the other side wrong. Right and wrong is a judgment. Only without judgment can transformation and transcendence take place.

Non-judgment does not mean we allow oppression, aggression, defamation, murder and rape. Non-judgment does include compassion, understanding, and guidance.

To transcend the drama, we must look to the bigger picture. We must visualize and pray and hold our consciousness for a transcendence and transmutation of drama into a greater understanding. With that comes Love, with that comes Peace.

The world is not broken, Be in peace.

Jim Hatton is author (under the name James Apollonius Alan) of “A Spiritual Master’s Guide to Life,” available on Amazon. Send 600- to 700-word articles to Sally McKirgan at innerpeaceforyou@outlook.com.

Jim Hatton