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Inner Peace: Mastering the walk of divine love

When I woke up this morning I made a conscious choice to let go of human ego attachments in my personal side of my life. I threw away visualization pictures of what I would like my personal life to look like.

As I did, I initially felt pain in my heart. I said, “Like a butterfly, I set you free. If it is meant to be, you will enter my life.” I then felt a freedom in my heart. I felt alive in my heart like I have never felt before.

I saw how this personal dream has been a driving force. It has pushed me to seek out places to live in hopes of manifesting it there and going to events seeking to find it. This has left me in despair and feeling like a failure for not having it. I felt as if something was wrong with me for not having my personal dream.

When I let go of the attachment to my personal dream unfolding the way I wanted it to look, I became free of the burden I put on myself for not having it. I replaced this with my connection to Divine Love. What it would feel like to BE love in gratitude and appreciation and channeling this love from Divine Universal Love.

What happened next was magical for me. I started feeling free of judging the world the way I wanted it to look like. I wanted everyone to experience nirvana like I have with my gifted connection to the ethers. I see when people die walk into the light. I hear, feel and sense the Angels and Christ. I feel alive in this love and wanted it to have this on Earth like I feel from the connection to this empowering nurturing high frequency of love.

That also was a driving force. Looking outside for it, I became aware when I chose to connect to Divine Universal Love instead of seeking it outside on Earth with others. What I experienced was being IN the world versus being OF the world — to stop judging the conditions and people, wanting to fix it or make it the way I wanted it to look like. The more I had done this the more I attracted it in the vibration of heavy negative influences. I was confused as to why I was attracting this.

Now I know. As I set myself free of attempting to change the world or people, I accepted it and chose to BE love, to be a direct channel of Universal Love and enjoy life — I become free of the chains I put on myself and the misery I felt from what I saw in the world.

Being love, a channel of Universal Divine Love, will make a greater impact on those who feel it. Attempting to fix, change, judge or correct, only stoops me to that vibration and keeps me stuck in what I am judging. Now I feel lighter and freer to play in life and allow the magic of what the Universe would like of me.

The unseen is more powerful than what I see. What I see in the world is based on collective conscious illusions of fears, insecurity and limitations from dysfunctional beliefs. The unseen comes from what the Universe has in store which has not been tampered with. It is beyond what the human perceptions can conceive. It has no fears, insecurities or limitations. It is empowered in divine love, joy, peace, and prosperity.

We are walking on Earth-school in a hologram that mirrors back to us our thoughts and feelings at a vibration we put out. Putting out higher vibration frequency, such as love and joy, expands the human expression. It attracts a mirror of this with others who also know this truth. It reminds those who don’t put out a lower frequency vibration.

Christ says to forgive those who don’t know any better, for that is where their consciousness is. Being a channel of this love will serve a greater impact then judging, correcting, fixing or teaching. Be the love, joy, peace, prosperity you would like to see in the world. I now seek more fully Universal Divine Love and channel this, rather than seeking love from the Earth or visions of what I would like it to look like. This brings me a greater sense of freedom.

May this article bless you and touch you in a way it has for me.

Angelica Rose is known as an angel walk-in, a universal gifted angel messenger, love coach, certified hypnotist and author. She also created an online series called “Spiritual Journey to Divine Love” available in MP3 and MP4 formats at www.angelroselove.wix.com/love.

A banner made for the Peace Fence in 2007 that is now on a tile in front of the Ashland library.