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The soul's role in healing

As a folk healer, I am dedicated to the emotional body and the elusive soul and how their interconnectedness works for healing. The soul is often silent, hidden behind the veil of daily life. When the soul breaks her silence, she comes forth like a storm and a slow fire which begins to purify one’s reality.

We often want to find a “solution” for our growing soul struggle when it reveals itself, but our soul simply wants to make her presence known and have a relationship with you through purification and crisis. Are we supposed to know when our struggles will end? No, we are not. We must trust the processes of life because our eternal soul is not limited to the material world.

Some say it’s a curse to have powerful feelings and face traumas such as this, but feelings are the sacred river that connects us to our soul and directs us to where we need to heal.

Social media portray that we can live life in “love, light and bliss” alone. This is untrue. To reject the difficulty of our soul’s deaths and transformations is to bare a heavy burden without the beauty of rebirth.

The process of the soul’s emergence, its new and raw experiences, is not pleasant, especially when our life no longer works. These struggles are an ancient dance which opens the door for us to review our past to make sense of our struggles.

What we find can be an accumulation of unconscious and unfulfilled desires, regret, anger, illusion, or parts of our life that were never healthy in the first place. These may surface without warning and must be addressed and then healed.

In accepting gut-wrenching changes, we often feel our life has disappointed us in some way. This can feel devastating and incredibly vulnerable.

Finding acceptance of soul purification (when we are in the middle of it) is the starting point of a new path in life, which leads to a deeper layer of the self that has been hidden. It’s a time of shedding old skin and accepting the medicine of truly “letting go.”

When we are ready, we start digging into our past and find that it usually isn’t perfect. Even happy memories might have been filled with a false sense of security. Sometimes awareness comes forth that we have been lying to ourselves. We may have to acknowledge that we trusted untrustworthy people as we waited for our illusions to be shattered.

This is also the time when we start to make a commitment to walk toward healing with support and structure. New paths in life lead us to new attitudes, new people, and new ways of being. This becomes a time when we have to start to live a new truth, because our old one is just not working anymore.

This soul immersion is the hardest cycle of our life to get through, because it is accompanied by self-destruction or the collapse of an old life structure (or old life-vision) that we have worked so hard to build and maintain. Soul changes exist because something new and authentic wishes to burst through you.

If we accept that we will always make new memories just by living life and those new phases of life look completely unlike the old ones, we can begin to heal and start to let go in a much more structured manner. This is a good time to go to a therapist and to commit to a healing or spiritual practice for your inner life, your soul’s life.

The moment you embrace change and healing, the more you are really ready to face your personal crisis. Fall into the flame, in order to rise and be reborn into the next phase of your life. Stay steadfast, because we are extremely resilient as people and your soul emergence cycle will not last forever. This is the eternal legend of the soul and her purification rites.

Phoenix the Elder, Jennifer Reeves and Sarah Burnt-Stone (Bernstein) are part of Elder Mountain Dreaming, a small sacred community of the Soul, Arts, Healing and Dreaming in Ashland, OR. For more information: eldermountaindreaming@gmail.com. Rogue Valley residents are invited to send 600 to 700 word articles on all aspects of inner peace to Sally McKirgan innerpeaceforyou@outlook.com

A banner made for the Peace Fence in 2007 that is now on a tile in front of the Ashland library.