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New season, new insights

Things are moving fast in our lives, and we tend to adapt to that speed in many ways.

We often want things to happen faster, stress over wrapping up that project, finish a conversation sooner, because we have to move on to the next thing. Or we want the driver in front of us to move over because we have to be somewhere right now. Grab unhealthful food so we can eat faster and finish eating so we can hurry and do something else.

How often do we bother to take a leisurely walk or lie about and read for an hour just because we feel like it, or slow down and sit quietly and listen to our intuition?

As I am looking out my window early this morning I am indulging in slowing down to take in my garden. The daffodils seem to be smiling, nodding their heads, as if having a secret conversation with the morning rain or maybe coaxing the tulips to come out and join them.

Ahh, at last spring has moved into time and space, a relief from the hibernation of the winter. The early days are simplistic, yet profound. Noticing new seedlings popping through the wet earth, flicking off the bits of dirt and starting to rise up, it is impossible not to take notice and be mesmerized by nature.

Spring also is a shedding of many things: fewer clothes, less laundry, opening windows, thinner socks, sandals, eating lighter foods, more outdoor exercise, seeing neighbors who have been cocooned in the wraps of winter.

This new season can also represent shifting the mind to focus on the upcoming days or months and the possibilities. It is a time to dust off the cobwebs and take some time for clear thinking.

Sometimes taking that quiet time for ourselves is just what we need to contemplate those new ideas, shift ourselves in letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose in our minds or our homes, and show us a way to step outside the box.

“The first step of getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are,” wrote an unknown author.

We can find that balance. It might be a blend of simplistic and profound. As I think about the spectrum of these two words, I realize that I rather like the idea of profound with a coating of simplistic. Deep and heartfelt but simple and easy into an inner-mind investigation.

Our lives are made up of many essentials that round out the whole and create a balance. And within that wholeness will come nourishment to all the parts. If only one of them is the focus, the others can feel empty, or even neglected.

What are your essentials, and how can you bring them into the fold? Family, health, career, spiritual practice, quiet moments alone.

My first thoughts are communication and connection with loved ones, good wholesome food, exercise, my garden, quiet time to contemplate many things, at least two compelling books that are waiting for me to settle down and read, serving clients toward their transformations, and researching and seeking more information through the seemingly endless sources.

I encourage you to take some quiet moments to examine what you might shed this season, as well as what you might discover. What needs to be brought into the balance, so all parts are synchronistic?

Imagine that new vision of your life with all the essentials balancing and radiating within the whole. Be aware of the words you are saying to yourself that are outdated. Notice all the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from giving it everything you have.

Think of it as a transformation, a renewal, a personal inner movement toward balancing all of your essentials so that nothing is slighted or left behind. Consider opening the front door and letting the fresh air in, letting a new perspective enter with movement and expansion close behind.

Discovering all those essentials in your life is possible.

Ginny Dean lives in Ashland and is a rapid transformational practitioner. Reach her at www.ginnydeanmindshift.com. Inner Peace articles are always welcome. Send 600- to 700-word articles on all aspects of inner peace to Sally McKirgan innerpeaceforyou@outlook.com.