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Higher conscious living

Our mind operates like a computer filled with programs from stories we bought into. These programs, if fed, often become beliefs. Some beliefs serve us and some don’t. There are beliefs we know of and others are in our subconscious. Some beliefs bring joy, and other beliefs create sadness. This is duality living because they have polarity thoughts and emotions, such as happy and sad, right and wrong, accept and judge, and love and hate.

If we commit to happiness, we live more from gratitude and appreciation. We live more in the “now.” If we are around lots of negative influences or complain often, we experience more drama in our life. We attract more of that where we feel stuck or disconnected from feeling joy. If we judge the person or situation, it keeps us stuck longer in what we are judging. The thoughts and feelings become like an unruly child, stuck in the “don’t wants.” If you are sensitive to feeling other people’s energy, you can take on other people’s energy like a sponge. It is like an ever-ready bunny that has gone wonky. It’s important to monitor how you’re feeling.

If you notice your energy dropping, excuse yourself from the person or situation. Take deep breaths and neutralize your energy by quieting your thoughts and bring it to a more centered place of love.

Eventually, you will feel more empowered to be able to neutralize your energy while in the situation or with the person and move into love.

Judging or resistance will only keep you stuck more in the dense energy. Using colors helps because the mind cannot feel colors: pink for love, white for purifying and green for healing.

There is an easier way to living life with greater joy, love, and peace. I call this a direct connection to Universal Love. Some may call God, Christ, Buddha, or Higher Power. This is where you have greater gaps of silence, and you live within your heart feeling Universal Love in a greater way.

Universal Love is within. You start with deep breathing to relax. Focus your attention on the third eye between the eyebrows where your inner spirit higher consciousness resides to quiet the mind chatter. Then move your focus into the heart and feel Universal Love filling up your heart by calling it in and being open to receiving this expansive pure love. The more you remember this, the greater the connection inside you feels with Universal Love.

The human ego releases its control mechanisms of protection and you flow with greater love, joy, and peace and prosperity consciousness. This is because the connection to Universal Love only knows of love, joy, peace, prosperity, and health. It knows of no duality living.

You enjoy life more fully experiencing greater joy, peace, love and prosperity consciousness. I explain how to get there in a greater way in my book, Transformation.

Helpful steps:

  • Exercise to let go of tension in the body
  • Deep Breathing
  • Focus on gratitude and appreciation
  • Embrace what is
  • Allow the mind to go into gaps of silence as you focus on the third eye
  • Focus on the heart feeling love
  • You can play higher vibration music and focus on a lit candle to help relax

It is phenomenal when you have that connection to Universal Love because you know the truth to what is real rather than what is an illusion to what you don’t want in life. You don’t have to suffer to get to bliss. You still have lessons to learn yet you can do it with greater ease, joy, peace and love.

2018 Angelica Rose, The Heart of Motivation, all rights reserved www.angelroselove.wix.com/love Angelica Rose, An Angel Walk-in, is a Universal gifted Angel Messenger, Love Coach, Certified Hypnotist and Author of Books, EBooks, Relaxation CDs, MP3s, MP4s, Talk on Spiritual Oneness and Inspirational Stickers. Angelica also created an online series called, Spiritual Journey to Divine Love on MP3 and MP4. She has been certified as a minister of LOVE in 2007. www.angelroselove.wix.com/love

A banner made for the Peace Fence in 2007 that is now on a tile in front of the Ashland library.