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Tips for becoming more peaceful

Questions I hear often are, “How do I find peace within myself?” and “How do I become peaceful?”

If we are peaceful ourselves, we can find true happiness and joy. If we are peaceful, this is when we feel love.

A number of techniques are commonly recommended and helpful in becoming more peaceful: meditation, forgiveness, being in nature, mantras, breathing techniques and many more. All of these are useful, but I find that a lot of people, after practicing these techniques, are still not peaceful.

For many, the reason might be that they have not made peace with their understanding of god. In many of the world’s traditions, cultures and societies, the common concept of god has been a projection of humanness onto source. This is termed anthropomorphism. Even if one does not have a religious background, the traditional idea of a god with human traits prevails. Below are some examples:

God has a human form. Many have now realized that god is not the Old Man in the Sky.

God is a man. The pronoun “He” is often used. “He” infers that god has gender and genitalia. Again, we see the human form projection.

God is emotional. This is the concept of an angry god or a god who needs to be appeased and worshiped. If a god needs to be worshiped (a projection of the desires of the human ego) it is not a true god.

We have to ask god for forgiveness. Most traditions agree that god is unconditional love. This means that we are not judged; only loved. There is no scoreboard in the sky.

God thinks and discerns. Being intellectual is a human trait. Intelligence is simply the nature of god. God does not have to think or decide. It simply is.

We have to pray to god to get things. If god is unconditional love, then, again, it is the nature of god (love) to give unconditionally. All we have to do is accept god in the form of greater good in our lives.

If our idea of god is not based on the limiting concepts above and we dismiss the idea of humanness, then we open the doors to a different concept of god: God is a conscious presence in everybody and in all things.

It is the very nature of God to love unconditionally; god is unconditional love. Love is god seeing itself in its own creation.

It is the very nature of god to create, expand and grow. God does not have a choice to do so or not. God creates by becoming the creation — this is the universal creative process. God created us by becoming us, and the same creative abilities are in our nature too. This means that the ability to create our own lives is in every one of us.

It is the very nature of god to be intelligent. God does not have to decide or figure out anything, it simply knows.

It is the very nature of god to be everywhere present, all the time.

It is the very nature of god to be aware of our wants, needs and desires. We do not have to ask for anything, we only have to accept that everything we want is already provided. All is given all of the time.

God does not choose to give; it is its very nature to give all.

The key here is to realize that the actions of god are its nature; they are not based on a conscious decision to do or be something or not. The following examples may help to clarify this:

Water does not decide to have the properties of liquidity, it simply is liquid.

A flower does not decide to bloom, it simply blooms.

A dog does not decide to be a dog because someone asks or prays to it to be a dog, it is simply a dog and it cannot be anything else.

Inner peace is found when we can release the idea that someone or something is judging us or keeping score of our lives, and when we can stop worrying about doing the right thing and/or trying to appease the ego of a false deity.

Inner peace is found when we move more toward the idea of the true nature of god and what god really is.

The world is not broken, be in peace.

Jim Hatton is the author (under the name James Apollonius Alan) of “A Spiritual Master’s Guide to Life.” Email 600- to 700-word articles on all aspects of inner peace to Sally McKirgan at innerpeaceforyou@outlook.com.