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2020: Remembering interdependence now

This is the time of year when we here in the U.S. celebrate our Independence. But in these transformational times, it seems that this celebration, this conversation, yearns to go so much deeper than the red, white and blue patriotism of America gaining its Independence from England in 1776.

This emerging conversation, which is happening all over the world right now, is a long-standing and yet very present moment conversation about how we create separation, judgment and hatred between members of our own human family.

Perhaps the most fundamental of these divisions is our insane desire to divide ourselves based on the color of our skin. It is time for us to evolve as an intelligent species and to see far beyond the separation of black or white or brown.

In order to sow these seeds of separation, judgment and hatred, we have to believe that those “others” are not connected to us and that “they” are somehow less worthy than “we” are. Because, when we live from this place of imagined superiority, we can distance ourselves emotionally and therefore we can justify the way we treat the “them.”

But wait. Perhaps we can shift? Much like our forefathers did, we can chart a new course and decide what kind of world we want to live in and what kind of world we can help co-create for our children, grandchildren and the other life forms with whom we share this planet.

But where do we start? How do we get there from here? What can I start doing today to help create this new, unified, interdependent human experience?

To continue creating this revolutionary shift, I must do everything and anything I can right now to help myself remember that while I am an individual wave, I am also the ocean expressing as all the waves, and as I interact with my fellow waves, I hope to remember and act from insight of this metaphor.

I must also remember and live by the newly updated Golden Rule 2.0 — Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, because they are you. There is no other.

As I continue to remember that we are all part of this one delicate web of life, we can co-create, live in and thrive in a new world of interdependence.

Remembering again now. Starting again now. Remembering again now. Humanity graduates together — “The Global Class of 2020.” Today, we are all graduating.

Each of us in our own way is moving on from a world we knew and are emerging into this new time of uncertainty.

We are sitting in this pregnant moment now, waiting, and soon we will birth ourselves and each other into a brave new world.

We don’t yet get to know what this new world will look like or feel like, because we will be building our new world.

Regarding these uncertain times, I reflect on the metamorphosis story of the caterpillar and butterfly. The caterpillar for some reason decides to slow things down and wraps itself in a cocoon.

Feeling unsafe, the caterpillar probably wishes it could go back to normal, but somewhere deep inside it knows it is answering the call.

I think the same thing is happening to us. We have put ourselves into a “slow it down” cocoon. There’s a part of us that wants to go back to normal, and there is a deeper part that is urging us forward, into this next greater version of humanity.

This crisis has allowed us to slow down enough to notice the effect of our actions. Next it will dare us to make important shifts in the way we live, both individually and collectively.

We are in shifting times. Perhaps you can feel it?

We are all graduating together, shifting from a life as “humans doing” into an aliveness as “human beings.”

This transformational feeling will continue to expand as it enters in the hearts, minds and souls of every one of us. This is how transformation works.

We are all in this together, we are graduating together. We are preparing ourselves, we are getting ready to fly, and fly we shall. Together.

Peter Melton is a former Ashland resident and proponent of Unity consciousness. Learn about the Unity-based extension of the old two-finger peace sign at www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8oinFtTYrI