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Pandemic highlights imbalances

Describing the effects of this pandemic in terms of depths of despair, pain, disruption and uncertainty is not possible. It is simply too overwhelming and invasive to our way of life.

The perceived causes of this virus are only scratching the surface. Without considering the core origin, finding adequate solutions may not be possible. In other words, looking at the symptoms only (without looking at the underlying dynamics) will not be productive.

Understanding the reality of oneness and internalizing it into your thoughts and actions is essential when dealing with the dynamics of this pandemic. Once one understands that everything has an energetic connection, our perception of how to live and think can change the quality of our lives. If you think that your thoughts and actions do not affect the quality of life for everyone, then it is time to re-evaluate the nature of life itself.

Our bodies are made up of some of the elements found all over the planet. A high percentage of our body is water. Modern physics tells us that everything is a form of energy and everything is connected by energy. We know that migrating birds do not use maps. They have their own internal guidance and so do humans.

The most basic understanding of what created this virus is an imbalance in our planet. The universe/planet seeks homeostasis — while in state of constant change. The dictionary definition of homeostasis is: the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by a physical or psychological process.

Anything that is alive is growing, and therefore is changing. These ongoing changes require a constant rebalancing of everything involved. Humans, plant life, animals and insects are known to take over vast areas, creating an imbalance in the environment.

Here are some of our imbalances:

  • People who lack essentials such as food, water, shelter and opportunity in a wealthy country
  • An extreme divide between the wealthy and the poor, while the middle class is shrinking or disappearing
  • The highest rate of incarceration for citizens in the modern world. Imprisonment is not appropriate for the mentally ill or addicts.
  • Rampant greed
  • Different standards for others (judgments) when evaluating oneself
  • Racism and bigotry of any kind
  • A garbage collector being consider less important or deserving than a bank president (perceived economic superiority)
  • Turning a blind eye to history and its impact on our lives
  • Damaging the environment for animals, fish, birds, insects and humans
  • Not understanding who we are and our intimate connection with everything that is

It can be useful to be competitive with others if it creates a positive outcome for all concerned. One society is a reality that includes everyone. Segregating parts of our society is not sustainable.

One of the benefits from this crisis may be the recognition of the lack of equality found everywhere. Another recognition is the lack of respect for our planet. We are social beings by design, which enables us to thrive together. When we share our gifts and love for each other, we become more inclusive and sustainable. A well thought-out education for children is imperative, starting in kindergarten. Some key areas to consider in educational/instructional design are:

  • Family dynamics, including newer family structures and combinations
  • Appreciation and respect for democracy and its place in the world
  • The worth of each person with unique, creative gifts to contribute
  • Understanding our history and the importance of diversity
  • The importance and responsibilities of each citizen
  • Working together to solve problems, creating a common cause
  • Understanding the fundamentals of science, math, medicine and human development

Look for blessings in all areas of your life.

Charles “Al” Huth lives in the Rogue Valley. He is an inspirational speaker and magician, and he teaches at SOU’s OLLI program. His website is www.Lighthouse-Empowerment.com. Email 600- to 700-word articles on all aspects of inner peace to Sally McKirgan innerpeaceforyou@outlook.com.