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The fruit of the orange tree

In the metaphysical/spiritual world, the belief about abundance, money and prosperity is that it is our divine right or natural state to be prosperous.

It is commonly said that the universe is abundance and therefore so are we. In the Christian testament it is written that it is the father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Based on this passage, Christians, metaphysicians and others often say, “So where is my stuff?” If it is the father’s good pleasure, why don’t I have a new car, or have all my bills paid, or a pile of money?

Because all these material things may not be readily apparent, the passage is dismissed, and people continue to focus on the lack of whatever they think they want and don’t have.

“Within you and within me there is a law in operation — a law of life — and our awareness of the presence of this law is our supply” (“Collected Essays of Joel S. Goldsmith”).

So often this “law” is interpreted to be something “out there.” So many books, seminars, lectures and sermons teach us to look for the law in the physical manifestations. As hard and long as one may try to see this law, it can never be found, as the physical manifestations do not contain it.

The law is not in the new Mercedes. The new Mercedes is the result or product of the law, but the car does not contain it. Similarly, money is not the “kingdom” or our supply. It is the effect of supply.

All the material items, including money, can be used up or consumed. It does not last. Goldsmith uses the example of the orange tree. The fruit of the tree, the oranges, can be consumed, used or left to rot, but it is not the supply. Yes, we can enjoy the fruit of the tree, but it comes and goes, always to return. The true supply is that it is the nature of the orange tree to produce the fruit. It is inherently within the orange tree to produce oranges and continues to be and do so.

Again, the supply of oranges is not in the fruit, it is inherent within the tree. If we were to look in the orange for our supply, we cannot find it, but when we look at the life essence of the tree, we see the nature to produce oranges. This is supply.

The same is true with us. Our supply is not the outward material objects, the “fruit.” Our supply is the very own natural process of manifesting.

The secret to having more fruit is to recognize our own inherent process of creation. This is supply. The more we recognize the supply within, the more supply flows. This is not just recognizing the fruit we already have, but more so recognizing how that fruit keeps coming after we enjoy the fruit’s sweetness.

The fruit we had 20 years ago in our lives is no longer there. That fruit has been replaced over and over again. It keeps coming no matter how much fruit we consume now. It is the recognition of the process which is our supply.

This is the kingdom that is the father’s great pleasure to give us.

The more we are aware of the process of supply, the more we let flow in our lives. The absolute best way to become aware of the supply is to be thankful for the process we have already experienced and for the ongoing-ness of the process.

Take a moment, frequently, to be thankful for the fruit we presently enjoy, be thankful that the orange tree continues to bear fruit, be thankful for your individual supply.

You will find more inner peace when you do.

Jim Hatton is an author, spiritual teacher and speaker. He makes his home in the Rogue Valley. Contact him at jim@jimhatton.com. Email 600- to 700-word articles on all aspects of inner peace to Sally McKirgan at innerpeaceforyou@outlook.com.