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Letters to the Editor, May 13

Salvage logging worth the costs?

The U.S. Forest Service proposal for salvage logging in the Chetco Bar fire area is now open for comments. The term “salvage logging” may sound harmless, as though rescuing something valuable from a burned forest. Some say this practice reduces intensity of future wildfires, but studies show that is not the case.

But there are long-term costs to salvage logging operations. Wildfires burn soils along with trees. Burned soils typically form a crusty layer, erosion-resistant earth suitable for seedlings to get established. Logging operations break up that crust into powdery particles that get washed into streams and rivers, degrading precious water quality and fisheries. Road-building causes major erosion. Leaving burned areas undisturbed is best for forest regeneration.

The proposal includes logging large partly-burned Douglas fir trees that survived the fire, still green and standing. Some of these trees may have a shorter life. But meanwhile they are a source of superior seedlings, naturally selected to be the most fire-resistant trees. Their roots keep the soil in place, preventing erosion. They provide habitat for birds and other animals. These large trees, though scorched, should not be included in any salvage logging. They play a vital role in forest recovery.

Christie Nelson

Grants Pass

Vote for Time White

The best choice for Democrats in the upcoming May congressional primary is Tim White. The last 20 years of Republican electoral landslides in this district are proof that the traditional Democratic candidates cannot get elected.

Time White will represent all constituents and will fight for a robust economy, affordable health care, excellent schools and our environment — issues that unite rather than divide.

Tim’s 30 years at Chrysler Corporation give him the gravitas and experience none of the other Democratic candidates possess. The complexities and pressures of working for a major multinational company developed in Tim a budget-driven, no-nonsense approach to problem solving and win-win outcomes.

Unlike our current incumbent, Tim is not a career politician and owes no corporate master. Tim’s bipartisan approach would be a welcome change in our district, and in Washington.

Rich Tuttle


Voting for Parker

My family is voting for Larry Parker for judge. He is dedicated to family, for 40 years married to Susie Parker. He is dedicated to our country, a veteran of the Air Force. He is dedicated to justice, for 30 years as an attorney, representing the marginalized and indigent. Larry has been out there, slugging it out for the little guy for his entire professional life. We believe deeds should count more than words, and in deeds Parker has demonstrated his ability to serve as our next judge.

Ashley Olivares

Central Point

Re-elect Greg Walden

I am one of the 73 percent that elected Greg Walden in 2016! Join me — vote for him again and suggest first?time voters consider why they should as well. Ignore the loud, pouty, rude and physical bullies who disregarded the election process in this country (the ballot!) and invaded his offices, threatening, disrupting, and left vile trash.

Greg has taken actions to improve care for our veterans, correct the gross mis-management of our forests, helped procure full funding for Community Health Centers like La Clinica, and for Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI). I am pleased with Greg’s voting record all year. I am a Christian, and conservative, so I paid attention to Family Research Council’s recently published Vote Scorecard for 2017. See the report for both houses at www.FRCAction.org. Nine House bills significantly affected family values: Greg voted 100 percent pro-life/pro-family. Let’s re-elect Greg Walden!

Robin Lee


Supporting Neahring

In my conversations with Jenni Neahring the past month I am very impressed with her understanding of the many and complex issues surrounding health. (I am including food security, housing, education and poverty in that subject.)

As a nephrologist/palliative care physician, she has seen what works and what doesn’t work. She understands what parts of the health system need repair right now.

Further, Jenni has become knowledgeable regarding the non-health-related issues facing Oregonians. She is smart, she listens and is focused on making things better for all.

If Dr Neahring can win the nomination in this primary, I believe that she is the best suited to defeat Greg Walden in the general election.

I support Jenni Neahring in the upcoming primary election.

Lee Murdoch, M.D.


Female inequality

The construction industry is asking taxpayers to train mostly male students to provide them with employees who are needed to fill their shortage of qualified workers. How many females will be served by these programs?

Marilyn Mattheison


Vote Blum Atkinson

Michelle Blum Atkinson deserves your vote for Oregon House District 6 because she has the passion, commitment and energy needed to fill the seat to represent our district. Michelle has strong values and the will to protect children, families, women and the environment. Local politics matter. Fill this seat with an energetic Democrat for the first time in maybe forever. Now is the time to reconsider what it means to be a Republican.

Frances Oyung


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