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Letters to the Editor, May 19

Support gun safety

Nobody is coming for your guns, but the members of Veterans for Peace, Rogue Valley Chapter 156, urge hunters and gun enthusiasts to consider supporting common sense gun safety regulations — like thorough background checks for all gun purchases, banning methods of turning semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic ones and restrictions on the use of high-capacity magazines.

Many of our members served in Vietnam and are very familiar with weapons like the M-16 assault rifle and its civilian equivalent, the AR-15, a semi-automatic weapon that can be rather easily modified into an automatic weapon. Large-capacity magazines can make such weapons extremely deadly killing machines even in semi-automatic mode.

Our members stand in solidarity with the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, who demand that something be done to make our schools safe from trigger-happy individuals (usually young men) bent on recreating violent video scenes in real life.

While it seems unlikely that our current Congress and president will take any meaningful action, we hope that the new Congress that convenes next January will be willing to address this issue. Gun safety measures need to be brought front and center.

Allen Hallmark, president, Veterans for Peace, Rogue Valley Chapter 156


A most “fowl” deed

Human greed and stupidity killed that fabled goose, resulting in the loss of golden eggs forevermore. Basic science was clearly unknown or denied.

Sadly, greed and stupidity are still with us, but on a more terrifying level. Today they seek golden egg profits at the expense of a habitable planet: National lands are blithely given to donor exploiters and our Environmental Protection Agency has become the Environmental Pollution Agency. Public education and health care, the cornerstones of civilization, are being sacrificed on an altar of profit, while our Medicare and Social Security protections are slated for outright theft.

The most egregiously greedy, like Walden and Trump, identify as Republicans, but the entire system has been corrupted to the point where money determines behavior in a vicious cycle; where greed begets greed.

Ignorance, greed and stupidity have impoverished the rule of law and fomented corruption while stoking deadly global warming fires with increasing amounts of fossil fuel.

The November 2018 elections are pivotal if we want to save our goose, much less any golden eggs for future generations. We must vote for science, honesty and sanity rather than deceptive lies of greed. Our future depends upon it as never before.

Lee Lull


Restrict assault weapons

I read recently that some Jackson County residents want to have a county law created that would protect their right to own AR-15-type firearms. Here’s my response:

I have owned firearms for more than half a century. As a former hunter and current participant in the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting, my firearms serve a peaceful and recreational purpose. But after seeing the heart-wrenching reality of so many school massacres, I believe that high-capacity semi-automatic rifles have no place in a civilized society.

Friends tell me that AR-15s are fun to shoot. But weigh the difference between a sportsman’s few hours per month of plinking on the range, and the horror of innocent school children or concert-goers being efficiently and cruelly gunned down by someone with an AR-15 and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

I have always been a defender of the Second Amendment. But today’s abuse of modern weapons reminds me that the Bill of Rights was written in the age of the musket, not the AR-15.

I say AR-15s and similar weapons should be restricted to military and law-enforcement roles. I don’t know how to achieve this, but it needs to happen.

Mark Howard, Veterans for Peace, Chapter 156


Dems backed the Klan

Although I share Robin Brown’s disdain for the Ku Klux Klan, I strongly take issue with the idea that President Trump has somehow become their de facto leader. That assertion is simply unfair and untrue.

It may be helpful to contemplate an ironic fact of history: The original Ku Klux Klan is historically associated with Democrats, not Republicans. And the heroic figure that did indeed vanquish the Klan during the Reconstruction era was none other than Republican President U.S. Grant.

Pete Miller


Thanks to letter carriers

The Phoenix Community Food Pantry wishes to thank the Phoenix Letter Carriers for their superhuman efforts during the STAMP Out Hunger Food Drive. They collected a record 2,819 pounds of food from our generous Phoenix-area donors.

Our shelves run short each month on canned proteins (tuna, salmon, chicken, sardines, Spam), canned fruit and dry milk (which extends expensive liquid milk for growing families). One-quarter of Phoenix-area children live in food-insecure households. We thank each and every Phoenix donor for your care and concern.

Finding food and volunteers has become so difficult for our pantry that we will now be open Saturdays only.

Thank you, letter carriers, for your volunteer efforts!

Karen Jones, Food Project district coordinator



Alfie Evans, the 23-month-old British boy with a neurological impairment, died because he lost his human and natural right to life at the European Court of “Human Rights.”

Oh, the irony! The “right to life” swapped for “socialized medicine.” State care until the state doesn’t care! Then declares the inconvenient child must die!

Despite offers of continued free medical care in other countries, Alfie’s right to exist was denied. The state, the ultimate arbiter of life and death, superseded any parental rights that existed previously. Now the state determines how a 23-month-old dies (starvation)! Yet, some want to introduce such a deliberately destructive and death-dealing system here!

The added and sad irony is the fact that the seeds of the American Revolution were sown in England with the signing of the Magna Carta (1215). They germinated. Then finally were codified and came into full bloom in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, which explained our basic human rights while limiting the government’s intrusiveness into our lives as free Americans.

Obviously, those basic human rights have been discarded in Great Britain. Without the basic right to life, aren’t our other rights at the disposal of the state, too?

Mitch Rofter