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Letters to the Editor, May 21

Build the new jail

After reading the letter “Can’t afford new jail” in the paper on May 17, I realize people just think of the money.

As these inmates are released due to overcrowding it also costs a lot of money. Figure the police’s time to arrest them, the people at the jail that have to lodge them, then release them (great turnaround). Then you have the court’s time and paperwork to have to put out a warrant, because the person will not show up on their court date. Then you have the police having to bring them back in and start all over.

This is a lot of time and cost to several agencies. Besides that, these people know they will be getting out as soon as they are processed.

I think what Medford would be known for is “Build this jail and they will stay there.” It is very frustrating for the police and the other agencies to this huge, daily turnaround. In the long run we will be saving money.

Judy Westcott


David Orr for judge

In 2011, my daughter was an important witness in a murder trial in Jackson County. At the time, she had terminal kidney disease.

The murderer’s attorney repeatedly delayed the trial, hoping my daughter would die before she could testify. David Orr would not be deterred; he was committed to seeing justice done.

He arranged for my daughter to give her deposition near her home in Deschutes County so she wouldn’t have to travel. He made sure I could travel to the deposition to be with her. He considered our family’s circumstances at every step of the process. Although my daughter was extremely ill, she came alive on the day she testified. Thanks to her strength and David Orr’s commitment, a vicious murderer is behind bars.

David Orr cared about my family and he cares about the people of Jackson County. He would make a fine judge.

Terry Tesmer

Central Point

Print Trump’s tweets

Having read the “crocodile tears” being shed by a Tribune editor some months ago alleging difficulty in finding something positive about President Trump to reprint on the editorial page, I wrote a personal letter to the editorial board to offer a solution to the dilemma: Why not allow the president to speak for himself?

Speaking directly to the American people, the president tweets his opinions daily. Without establishment filters, he communicates with us in the modern equivalent of FDR’s fireside chats. Such presidential openness is unique in our lifetime. And, unlike the unnamed sources that appear in the Tribune, President Trump isn’t afraid to put his name on what he is saying.

I received no response to my personal letter, and can discern no effort to improve the situation. Reporting the president’s daily tweets would go a long way toward alleviating the current imbalance on the editorial page.

Please don’t allow yourselves to become the print version of CNN. Try harder, dig deeper, and treat President Trump and your readers with more respect and fairness. That the least that one should expect for the price of a Tribune subscription.

Doug Dusenberry

Gold Hill