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Letters to the Editor, May 25

Tell the truth

I agree with Pete Miller’s assertion in his letter of May 19 that many of the statements made by President Trump’s detractors are “unfair and untrue.”

What bothers me even more is the sanctimonious manner in which these smug pronouncements against the president are delivered, like manna from heaven, from people who describe themselves as progressive. Wouldn’t a better approach be to tell the truth, even if it is uncomfortable and inconsistent with their view of the world at times?

Gail Martin


Print them all

Mary Lewis’s comment regarding President Trump’s tweets is an ad hominem argument which does not address Douglas Dusenberry’s suggestion to publish his daily missives.

For those of us who can’t or choose not to participate in Twitter, having access to the president’s thoughts, without the spin by the filter of the media, would enlighten us (those that don’t appreciate him, those that approve of him, and those that simply don’t know). As the editors of this paper have so eloquently described, not having access to information by censoring, or not sharing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, leads to a misinformed public.

Print all of the tweets, and let the voters use that as a tool to help them decide what kind of president he is.

Gary Spires

Eagle Point

Oh, the irony

As another Memorial Day approaches, we are reminded of so many brave men and women who gave us the ultimate sacrifice. Donald Trump disrespected perhaps the greatest patriot and senator of our time. He gleefully ( and legally) accepted a Purple Heart from a wounded soldier, stating “I’ve always wanted a Purple Heart. I said to him, ‘is this the real one or is this a copy? This was much easier than serving in combat.’ ”

When John McCain passes, there will be a stairway to heaven for him to climb. Angels will sing.

Those are not sinkholes at the White House and Mar-a-Lago. They are the long steps to Trump’s eternal resting place.

T. Alan Gielow

Shady Cove