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Letters to the Editor, May 27

Nice job, NFL

The entitled white men have done it again. Not content with the atrocities of slavery, beatings, murders, and other crimes and disrespect that have been perpetrated on African Americans, the NFL has now decided that it is good policy to continue the subjugation of African Americans by penalizing them for standing up for what’s right, for protesting the unnecessary criminal acts of the continued killing of (many times) unarmed black men, and the other racially inspired prejudice that continues to this day.

Nice job, NFL and Goodell. You continue the pathetic history of the U.S. toward its minorities. Even worse, you have capitulated to the worst racist — Trump.

Your pathetic decision only supports the rationale for why those NFLers were kneeling and need to continue to kneel. Shame on you!!

Oh, and how about ensuring that Colin Kapernick, Eric Davis and others who have knelt are treated fairly and given jobs?

Tom Dimitre


Undermining the rule of law

I disapprove of many of President Trump’s policies, but I can tolerate them as part of the normal course of American politics. I do not, however, tolerate Trump’s efforts to undermine the rule of law, because they go beyond the pale of political differences.

Trump’s attacks on Robert Mueller’s investigations are a direct assault on the American system of government. The special prosecutor Kenneth Starr’s investigations of Bill Clinton lasted for six years and cost $102 million in today’s dollars. Clinton disputed the investigation but made no attempt to hamper it. Mueller’s investigation has lasted just one year, has cost only $3 million, and Trump is actively denying the legitimacy of that investigation.

If Trump were innocent, he would have no reason to complain. His constant attacks on the investigation only serve to suggest that he has much to hide. We must assume Trump’s innocence until the investigation is completed — but that investigation must be allowed to continue unimpeded. Trump’s attempts to interfere with a perfectly legal investigation constitute an assault on the rule of law.

Chris Crawford


Trump’s tweets

In the MT’s May 21 issue, Doug Dusenberry suggests not only that you publish our president’s tweets, but that you “try harder” and “dig deeper.”

Although we do not subscribe to cable TV or Twitter, we would have to bury our heads in sand to avoid Trump’s tweets. We see several of them a day on network news and on the internet. On Monday mornings it’s hard to avoid the torrent of puerile weekend “tweet storms” we’d rather not have to revisit in the paper.

But, as a faithful subscriber to the MT, I thought I’d put in my 2 cents and dig deeper on your behalf, to better understand the person who is currently acting as our President. What I found was a profusion of Trump endeavors prior to his presidency: Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, Trump Casinos, Trump Steak, Trump Magazine, and Trump University. All ended in failure, some with continuing litigation.

When I add to these the more than 3,000 documented lies he’s told our country since his inauguration, I have to ask Mr. Dusenberry, have I dug deep enough?

L.J. Zinkand