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Letters to the Editor, July 1

TDS persists

I am astonished at the depth and persistence of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) as evidenced in all three letters appearing on a recent Sunday (May 27). One writer complained about “white men” being responsible for slavery, etc., and now “penalize” professional football players. Yet, Trump was dragged in! Good grief!

Are multimillionaire football players the new victim group so favored by the Democrats? Talent? No! Only a vague “fairness” invoked by the writer.

Another internally contradictory letter called out the president for exercising his right to comment on Mueller’s witch hunt, which causes some media loud mouths to clutch at their pearls at every word he says or tweets. Like Pavlov’s dog, the media run after the latest tweet, which soon dies a natural death from lack of oxygen.

Wash! Rinse! Repeat daily! The writer can call out the president; but the president cannot call out the media! Got it!

Another writer complained about the president’s tweets and how he was forced to pay attention to them on daily newscasts. Duh! Turn off the TV! He fails to realize that the media’s job is to keep his attention focused on minutiae and away from the president’s successes.

TDS persists.

Priscilla Vanderlip


Illegal is illegal

If I robbed a bank and were caught, after due process I would most likely serve jail time. So why is it any different for illegal immigrants?

They are breaking the law by being here yet people think they deserve rights. I’m sorry, illegal is illegal. I don’t agree with Trump about almost anything except for this.

J. Young

Central Point

Get what you paid for

You have to say President Trump has not broken character from candidate Trump or from real estate man Donald Trump. And to think he is president of this country.

His followers also have not broken stride. Whatever he says goes. He can lie, change positions in a flash, demean anyone who second-guesses him, and castigate even members of his own party. The current crisis on the border is a sober measure of his unfitness for the job.

Remember that the Nazis claimed reports of their murdering Jews was fake news then. Where have the standards of decency and honesty gone? How is the truth to be told when certain of his followers claim the children’s crisis doesn’t exist or that the kids are acting?

What will it take for members of his party to push back and say enough? Yet his followers cheer him on as he derides and mocks anyone who stands in his way. He alienates allies and praises dictators and gets away with it.

Obviously I did not vote for candidate Trump and, like many others, our worst fears are coming true. What would our founding fathers, all elites, think of him? He has no shame.

Steve Haskell


An embarrassment

Since a person can hear enough foul language used on TV sitcoms, why do they have to listen to it come out of the mouth of the man who, supposedly, represents us to the world? He is a pathetic public speaker and an embarrassment to our nation.

P. Parsons


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