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Letters to the editor, July 3

Story behind POW/MIA flags

In recent months your readers may have noticed in viewing flag poles installed at public buildings, in addition to our national flag and state flag, flag pole height permitting, a third, black-and-white MIA-POW flag has been added to the lanyard.

The POW symbolizes those veterans, while prisoners of war, who suffered both physical and mental harm and in thousands of cases lost their life during imprisonment. The MIA symbolizes the countless thousands who are deemed missing in action and are presumed dead.

How did this all come about? Veterans can thank Hugh Crawford, then-post commander of the Medford Veterans of Foreign Wars. Several years ago he joined a large group of Vietnam vets who motorbiked to Washington, D.C., to visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Along the way he noticed many public buildings honoring our veterans with the POW-MIA flag. Why not Oregon?

With the backing of his post, district and state V.F.W. offices, other veterans organizations joined in to petition the Oregon Legislature to enact legislation to fly the POW-MIA flag.

Crawford, along with fellow Medford resident, Vietnam veteran and state Rep. Sal Esquivel, were instrumental in drafting legislation that was adopted, approved and signed into law by Gov. Brown in 2017.

Jonathan Lucky


Make Trump responsible

Inasmuch as Mister Trump has separated children (small babies to 18-year-olds) from the loving arms of their parents; he must bear responsibility for the physical and psychological well-being of each of them until they reach maturity. Penalties for such heinous behavior has yet to be implemented — simply removing him from office would be totally inadequate in view of the draconian methods he employs.

Raymond Steinbroner


What a system

The new ploy on the southern border is quite evident. Bring your kids to the border, get caught or turn yourself in. The end game being your child will, hopefully, be given “Dreamer” green card status, and you by proxy, will be granted the same.

With all the wailing and gnashing of teeth by liberals about the separation of parent and child, Trump caved, and the immigrants got exactly what they wanted. They will more than likely be allowed to stay.

What a great system!

Neil Whiteford

Central Point

Smart meter fire

We had a smart meter installed by the power company in the home we owned in Central Point about a year before we sold the house. It was decided by Pacific Power that we needed it. About five months after we sold the house the meter caught on fire and there was so much damage to the house that the people who had bought it were living in a hotel for several months. It was determined by the fire department that the meter was where the fire started.

I don’t know how likely this is to happen or how often it does happen but people need to be aware that it can happen. This happened in 2008, so hopefully there have been improvements to the meters.

Linda Lucero


U.S. abandoning democracy

President Trump seems to move further and further away from honoring the Constitution, from “rule of law,” to separation of powers. Sadder still, the Supreme Court has moved away from dispensing justice to simple partisan politics.

In selecting a Supreme Court justice, the criteria overwhelmingly examine “right-” or “left-” leaning history, and candidates are described as such in most deliberations. This president is proud of “owning” the Supreme Court ( I heard it described this morning as “Trump’s Supreme Court”), as well as the Justice Department and the Congress, with little pushback from the ruling party.

Again, sadly, our representatives in government — Republican or Democrat — have a greater commitment to party and re-election than to the needs of the country. “Bipartisanship” is a dirty word — witness the closed and secret meetings to construct a bill that, when it’s ready, is presented to the other party for a vote on that day.

Point being ... the U.S. is moving away from democracy and some of us are moving from confusion and anger to ... sadness, and sadness that I no longer need to begin each comment with ”seems to be,” because everything now “is.”

Don Azar


Letters to the Editor, July 3