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Letters to the editor: July 9

Roe v Wade at risk

Roe vs Wade, 1973, legalizing abortion, is at risk if Trump replaces Kennedy’s seat on the Supreme Court before the November election. Fifty years of work went into that bill. Women in poverty and of color would suffer the most; it would be back to coat hangers to abort.

Losing Roe vs Wade must not happen, and we must take action. Here’s how:

Urge our senators not to move forward with any Supreme Court nominee until after the election. We want all senators to hold that line. In 2016 Mitch McConnell refused to even hold a hearing for Obama nominee Merrick Garland even though the election was nine months away. Senators can follow his non-action as they did in 2016 .

Call our members of Congress: Rep. Greg Walden, 1-202-225-6730; Sen. Jeff Merkley. 1-202-224-3753; and Sen. Ron Wyden, 1-202-224-5244.

Women’s very lives are at stake if we do not act. Be of stout heart and strong voice to help our sisters.

Carola Lacy


Not a freeway extension

I live on Old Stage Road in Central Point and so do many, many other fine residents. The speed limit on most of this rural scenic road is 40-45 miles per hour but it is seldom the norm.

Those who don’t live on our beautiful road use it as an extension of I-5 to get to Jacksonville for a nice meal or a trip to the Applegate Valley and its fine wineries. Contractors rushing to a job in the morning or going home at the end of the day are traveling our road so fast it’s a wonder more accidents haven’t happened.

Please slow down. We’re just people trying to live our lives in peace and quiet. No one wants to be hurt, just safe.

Sigrun Dickman

Central Point

It’s our government, not his

In North Korea one is told how to wear your hair. There are 15 or so approved styles. People can be seen bowing to photos of political leaders; weeping at seeing them! They are deeply hypnotized, terrified of labor camps. An entire nation held in a thrall of terror at having an unapproved thought. No news, as we know it. Just propaganda. It’s a cult of personality, led by a murderous excuse for a leader. (Russia, too.)

The president recently referred to “my government.” That’s incorrect. Not “my government,” but government “for the people, by the people.” We don’t bow to politicians, sorry. No one tells us how to look, what to say or think. No one rules us absolutely.

Mad fiends aren’t admired here, historically. Watch newsreels of G.I.s in WWII! These American men look no nonsense, tough and capable in saving Europe from one of these “absolute rulers” — would-be ruler anyway, but for us. People were grateful!

To sum up, there is no official and approved thought here. Blabbering politicians can always be voted away. This nonsense of blue and red is anathema. We are a people divided by a scheme to profit, money being all for some.

Lars Svendsgaard


Trump reduces suffering

The left expresses concern about the treatment of immigrant families, but where was their concern when undocumented families were being deported, and sometimes separated, during Mr. Obama’s presidency? Ironically, President Trump’s latest executive order has actually reduced the suffering of immigrant families by allowing them to stay together when possible.

And I have to ask another question, which to me is highly relevant to the subject of protecting children: if we really are a society that loves and protects children, where is the concern for the millions of babies who are aborted each year?

Gail Martin