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Letters to the Editor, July 10

Corporate court win

The Supreme Court’s alleged conservatives recently voted to overturn 40 years of labor law precedent, ending a requirement for public employees to pay their fair share of union dues, while forcing their unions to still represent them.

The Supreme Court majority made this decision, known as Janus v. AFSCME, on behalf corporate interests. In so doing, they overturned a decision made by the court over 40 years ago that required people who got union representation to actually pay for it. Now free-riders can get something for nothing — the goal, of course, being the destruction of the unions representing these people.

The irony of the Janus case is this: Respect for prior court decisions is a deeply held conservative principle. Only a great weight of evidence, conservatives assert, can overturn a Supreme Court precedent. That’s not the case, however, when big corporations want a union busted, in which case, principles be damned. Some “conservatives.”

Philip Newton


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