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Letters to the Editor, July 12

Toxic behavior spreads

I am writing in response to a couple of articles appearing in the MT which noted a significant rise in disturbing behavior by students and young people over the past year. One reader has already responded and pointed out (correctly, I believe) that behavior and values are taught in the home.

Parents’ jobs are hard enough as it is, but I think that over the last year and a half another more sinister and intangible factor has been making their jobs even more difficult. I believe that factor to be the intangible influence of the toxic behavior and attitude expressed on a daily basis by the president of the United States, Donald Trump. His open belligerency, name-calling, obnoxious tweets, general surliness, complete lack of accepted protocol, disregard for traditional rules and regulations, insatiable ego, etc., etc., which are on display for all to see and hear, can do nothing but negatively influence those of impressionable ages to think and act likewise.

This is strictly my opinion and I have no data whatsoever to back it up. But it seems to me when someone who is supposed to be our “leader” acts the way Trump does, it can’t help but permeate our culture in some negative way.

Robert Janssen


Thanks to Cow Creeks

Thanks to the Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation for their generosity in supporting Consumer Credit Counseling of Southern Oregon. Their assistance will allow us to expand our financial counseling services regionally to assist low- and moderate-income residents.

Our grant was just one of more than 60 that Cow Creek generously awarded recently, with their overall giving totaling $526,000. We are grateful for this dedication to community betterment and commitment to serving the needs of others. This grant, and others like it, keeps nonprofits like us in business. Without these kinds of funds, it would be nearly impossible for us to provide the kind of life-changing counseling we do, helping low income families with credit and counseling, student loan counseling, debt management programs, credit report reviews and financial education to prevent family financial problems from occurring in the first place.

Bill Ihle, executive director, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Southern Oregon


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