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Letters to the Editor, July 16

Vote for Skinner

Jamie McLeod-Skinner came out on top in a field of seven candidates in the May primary election to nominate a Democrat to oppose Rep. Greg Walden in Congressional District 2 this November.

Voters made it clear that they want someone in Washington who will represent the people and not special interests that control the Republican caucus. Jamie will be a true representative of the people for Oregon Congressional District 2.

The November election is the opportunity so many of us have been waiting for. A way to take action that will turn around Congress and protect our health care, Medicare and Social Security.

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives is poised to reduce the benefits we’ve counted on and paid for all of our working lives. We need to turn out and vote for change from Walden and his cronies in Washington. We need to vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress in November. Check her out at https://jamiefororegon.com/.

Larry Cooper


Lies are costly

Lies have cost America dearly. Liars have gotten us into wars that have cost us tens of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars in treasure, from Vietnam to Iraq to Afghanistan and beyond. So, who do we pick for our fearless leader, why the bone-spur-dodger, the biggest pathological lying liar America has ever known, that’s who!

The question I can’t answer and ponder over and over about Trump supporters is, is there no lie that man tells that they won’t believe? His thousands of lies, provable lies, obvious lies, bald-faced lies, just constant lying. Is that how to make America great Again? Really?

Trump knows you don’t have to tell the truth, you just have to convince people to believe you, by repeating the same lies over and over. And boy, do they believe. He tells it like it is, they say. No! I hate to tell you, by definition, lying is telling it like it isn’t. John 8:44, “Satan is the father of all lies”.

Steve Armantrout


How I really feel

As in “The Wizard of Oz,” we see, and not for the first time, the evangelical curtain parting to reveal the truth about their moral family values. It seems that some actually think this POTUS imposter is a Christian. Unfathomable, but if true, it would be consistent with the genocide committed on African American slaves and Native Americans under that same guise. Those gleeful, fun-loving Christians that proudly wore white sheets expressing devotion to their vengeful God exemplified this.

You would think religion, and one can only hope that translates to honest spirituality, should calm the soul and give comfort, inner strength, peace and security.

The right-wing distortion of Christianity teaches a vindictive discipline based on guilt and divisiveness that causes anxiety, creates fear and consequently hatred. Naturally they are Hell-bent to “take the country back,” at least as far as the McCarthy era and, gee, maybe we can start burning witches at the stake again. This time with coal, of course.

Steve Sutfin


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