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Letters to the Editor, July 17

We need a president

Dear Mr. Trump:

We need a president who will stand up to our enemies, not stand down to our friends. Think NATO. Canada. Mexico.

We need a president who supports our honored institutions, not one who attacks them. Think the press and the law.

We need a president who does the important things that need to be done, not one who undoes what has been done successfully. Think the Paris Agreement. Iran.

We need a president who wants to be a leader, not one who only wants followers. Think Sessions and DeVos for starters. I would credit you for getting rid of Pruitt but you continued to praise him until he disappointed even you.

We need a president who protects our borders from those who would harm us, not close it to those who would enhance us. Think immigration.

We need a president who tells the truth and knows what isn’t true, not one who can’t tell the difference. Think about almost everything you say or tweet.

If you think we are getting what we need from a president, think again.

George Rice


Summer advocacy institute

Of local interest, my 17-year old granddaughter, Aynika Nelson, will join with 800 other high school students from all across the USA for the 2018 ACLU Summer Advocacy Institute in Washington, D.C. She was accepted and fully scholarshipped by the ACLU organization for her humanitarian work at her high school in Brookings.

The ACLU’s incredible staff of lawyers, legislative advocates, communication experts and organizers will teach them a deep understanding of the legal and advocacy history of the ACLU organization, and the interconnectedness of the ACLU’s three legal centers: The Center for Liberty, the Center for Democracy, and the Throne Center for Justice and Equality.

The nonpartisan, nonprofit close up foundation based in Washington, D.C., will teach them civic education, and people power projects will teach them advocacy and community organizing skills.

The pre-college program includes a day of lobbying action on Capitol Hill, meeting with elected officials to discuss the role of the separate and equal legislative branch of the Constitution in protecting civil liberties, and a student-led rally on Capitol Hill this month. This will ensure the voices of young people are heard in the legislative process.

Nancy Nelson


A Bottle Drop supporter

I want to address the current challenges related to efforts to recycle cans and bottles. The recent Mail Tribune editorial raised several valid points relating to the processing facility in northwest Medford.

I agree the facility is too small to handle the volume of materials from our region and the neighborhood should not be dealing with the increasing trash. I think the follow-up response by Joel Schoening of Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative was an excellent response to the challenges they face and what they are doing to address the issues raised.

I’d like to add that my experience with the facility has been very positive. It is a vast improvement over the original recycling at grocery stores. The machines process cans and bottles quickly with relatively few breakdowns. The line moves quickly. The staff has been polite and helpful, especially as they have had to deal with spills, sticky bags, smashed cans and trash. (It helps if people empty the containers before bagging and not include trash.)

In short, I appreciate what this facility is doing for the environment and for those who need the money for part of their income.

Eric Dittmer


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