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Letters to the Editor, July 18

Immigrants represent the best

Alas, I do not see criminals, rapists, and murderers pouring into our country from Mexico. What I see are mothers with small children attempting to escape criminals, rapists, and murderers living in their countries.

What I see convinces me that our current government, and those who support it, are fearful that non-white refugees will take over “their” country. Thus, in my opinion, they have rejected the very values and principles that have made America great.

Further, I submit that those who risk so much and suffer so long to reach our shores are among the strongest and veru best that humanity has to offer to become citizens of the United States of America.

Walter Schmidt


Ban painful devices

I support a local ordinance to ban the use of painful training and punishment devices on wild and/or exotic animals used for entertainment in Jackson County.

These devices include bullhooks, electric prods, whips, bats, pitchforks, pointed sticks, and other similar devices. They are used to train or control animals such as big cats, elephants, bears and primates used in circuses and traveling animal exhibits. They cause pain, fear, stress and physical injury (or possible damaging physical effects in the case of electric prods) to the animals they are used on.

David McAlaster


Senator Merkley works for us

It would be unpatriotic of me to let Mitch Rofter’s “zero-tolerance” letter, attacking Sen. Jeff Merkley, go unchecked. Merkley has never been silent, while the GOP shamefully sits silently as babies and children are taken from their parents.

They’ve crossed the border through legal stations, seeking asylum and safety for their families. The children haven’t a clear path to reunification with their parents, due to an internationally illegal and ill-conceived border policy, directed by Trump and carried out by Sessions and ICE. It was Merkley who went to the border to visit the detention camps, bringing the secretive camps into public view. Rofter is equating asylum-seekers with illegal immigration.

Liberals/progressives work within the U.S. Constitution promoting change for our general welfare. Merkley is correctly outraged. He does back humane solutions. Our Founders would be “outraged” at what Trump is doing to the USA.

Phrases such as “we know” and “he prefers,” etc. are purely assumptive subtle tactics often used by Trump and, now, Rofter, to promote views falsely representing the public majority.

Where are his facts? No more hyperbole.

Penny Keenan


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