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Letters to the Editor, July 19

Conflict of interest

This letter responds to the front-page article detailing the practice of the Oregon Air National Guard conducting training flare battles in the skies above the Kalmiospsis Wilderness Area.

The article reports that the Forest Service has documented one fire triggered in 2004, by such flare practice, and also cites that the same practice had occurred on the eve of the tragic Chetco Bar fire: smoking gun!

Sgt. Shirar speaks of the technicality that the wilderness area protection of land and water does not extend to the air. However, this presents a conflict of the interests of two government agencies, not to mention an abuse to all of those who get up off of the couch to enjoy such a beautiful paradise!

Given the mobility of our Air Force, it seems that the Guard could find remote areas in Eastern Oregon (lacking forestry) as a better choice.

Cherise Black


Republicans are Trumpists

The corruption and inhumanity of this president have become disgustingly more evident over recent weeks. This is no surprise since it reflects everything he exhibited for years in business and throughout his campaign. Though Trump’s ignorance, incompetence and self-serving exceed any other president, this represents no more nor less than his campaign promised.

What is disturbing, however, is that the Republican Party has abdicated all pretense of being the party of sanity, fiscal responsibility, family values, or Lincoln. Caving before each vile and disreputable act committed by this administration, the Republican Party is now solidly the Trumpist Party. Republicanism is dead; replaced by Trumpism.

Southern Oregon Republicans running for the Oregon Legislature and board of commissioners must know their banner stands for Trumpist destruction of our environment, economy, and health. They must know they support kidnapping children from their parents’ arms. Is there no humanity or integrity left?

Trisha Vigil


Thanks for concern

Gail Martin, thank you for your concern about the children of deported families. You also have concerns about the millions of babies being aborted every year. People protect the Roe v. Wade law but not our babies.

I hope the Supreme Court changes the law. Who is fighting for our babies? The have a soul at conception, so that’s God’s protection, so where is ours.

They are not a cyst in our stomach, they are one of us, a real baby.

God help the USA.

Gloria Ruth

Central Point

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