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Letters to the Editor, July 21

Support Trump

He is working hard to clean up huge messes on major issues facing our country, namely our economy, education, immigration, trade, national security, crime, opioid crisis, breakdown of the family unit and religious values. For a list of his amazing accomplishments check out https://www.promiseskept.com.

One of my favorites is unemployment is at 4.1 percent, a 17-year low. His policies are great for the country and he does have heart. Be happy or be sour. Your choice.

His adversaries choose sour by their vicious and extreme actions using name-calling, “fake news,” bias infiltration into the FBI and DOJ, paid protesters, false accusations, subversive tactics and worse.

If you want to effect change, follow Christ, get informed, know the facts, contact your congressional representatives, mentor a child, vote and stop the unproductive, mean-spirited ranting and raving.

I choose to be thankful and very happy.

Anne Zauner


Planet needs us

Yale and George Mason Universities have conducted polls on U.S. public opinion about global warming for years. Earlier this year they reported that fully 70 percent of us think global warming is happening, with nearly 60 percent acknowledging that it is mostly human-caused. Meanwhile, only 15 percent of us realize that over 90 percent of climate scientists agree it is happening and is human-caused.

Despite this, we have a White House administration and Congress controlled by individuals who deny the science and refuse to support meaningful action to address emissions threatening life on our planet.

It is critical, therefore, that Oregon becomes a leader in addressing climate pollution. For this to happen, we need legislators who will promote meaningful climate pollution reduction. In the Senate District 3 race, this means Jeff Golden, while in House District 5 and 6 respectively, it means re-electing Pam Marsh, and electing Michelle Blum Atkinson. Our planet needs us!

Kathy Conway


Not the way it works

If you have seen the dog-and-pony show at the congressional hearing with the FBI, you saw the vitriol and abuse of our democratic ethos.

This is not the way an American democracy is supposed to work. It appears that the entire Republican party has been overtaken by the Soviets. So now the SGOP has made a disgusting show of raw powermongering.

If you haven’t seen it, I suggest that you do. You will witness American governance at its worst. And if you think otherwise all I can say is that denial is not a river in Egypt.

Jim Jean


Question candidates

As the election season approaches, it’s time to start questioning candidates running for the state Legislature and county Board of Commissioners on how they will lead on addressing global warming and reducing our climate change consequences.

Some Republican candidates claim that they accept the conclusions of climate science that global warming is happening and human emissions of climate pollution are responsible, but they are running under the banner of a president and Congressional party who reject science. In Oregon, state Republicans are not generally as committed to rejecting the science as their federal colleagues. Nevertheless, they behave in exactly the same way; they resist any effort that would lower the states’ emissions.

It’s time to elect county commissioners and the legislative representatives who will support efforts to curtail climate pollution and assist residents in preparing for the inevitable climate consequences coming our way.

Ken Deveney



President Trump makes a statement on television. The newspapers print the statement, word for word.

The president, unhappy with the public’s reaction to the statement, angrily puts out another statement, now saying that “The media is the enemy of the American people.”

Aside from what the public is to think, how does one try to explain this to our school children?

David L. Israel


Short on solutions

After reading Sundays’ MT editorial page, it occurred to me that we have another valuable resource here in the Rogue Valley. Michael Steely’s monthly vitriolic diatribes to the editor provide a glimpse into the workings of the liberal progressive mindset. As a de facto spokesman for the Democratic Party, Steely offers up all manner of attacks on President Trump, the Republican Party and conservatives in general.

However, in what has become the norm for the modern liberal agenda, the criticism is long on insults but short on solutions. For the left it is simply all hands on deck to oppose any and all things Trump. A classic example of this phenomenon was the recent protest against the Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court. A liberal group actually had signs with a “fill in the blank” for whoever Trump nominated.

So, my progressive friends, trash us “deplorables” all you want, but at the end of the day, it is better to be a part of the solution to a problem, than to simply be the problem.

Ted Krempa


Cancel the show

I’ve always been a huge fan of Sting, the musician. His music has lighted my life for years. But I discovered he was a prophet the other day when I hear him sing, “I’ve lost my belief in the politicians. They all seem like game-show hosts to me.”

Isn’t it time to end this completely immoral and corrupt dud of a gong show? Make your voice count now and speak out. Stand up to those who believe they have the power to hurt people who are defenseless, to destroy the environment and finish our teetering democracy. Vote this fall and cancel the show.

Dianne Carter



This message is directed to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. I am aghast that a U.S. president would defend Russia for an attack on the United States. Cyber warfare is an attack on this country.

President Trump’s statements are clearly treasonous. This is clearly high crimes and misdemeanors that should result in impeachment. Stop defending this idiot with your silence. When will our country’s nightmare end?

Bob Williamson


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