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Letters to the Editor, July 23

Change fireworks policy

In response to Tana Domecq-Davis’ letter July 15, I fully agree with everything she stated regarding fireworks in Jackson County and for that matter Oregon.

We are putting people, animals and property at risk through the sale to individuals of any fireworks. It is time for policies to change with regards to allowing fireworks in Jackson County.

I find it ironic that the city officials in Jacksonville and Ashland do not allow any fireworks by individuals in their communities. The city of Medford allows only some minor fireworks in town but not in the outlying hills yet minor fireworks can only be sold outside the city limits. Every year there are huge fireworks display set off in the hills throughout all of Jackson County which are bought on the internet or imported here.

A regional policy needs to be established preferably at the state level, but Jackson County should establish a policy now. We cannot wait! New ordinances and better communication need to be established.

For those that break the law, larger fines need to be established and parents should be held accountable where children are at fault.

Gary Hill

Central Point

Better than Benedict Arnold

There are ways a country can be defeated regardless of how many guns we have. There are ways a democracy can be destroyed despite tanks, planes, or battleships.

The dictator Vladimir Putin and his pawns have done everything he can to divide out country and turn Americans against Americans as evidenced by his actions leading up to the 2016 election and continuing today. After a week of bashing our allies, on Monday July 16, we watched the sickening spectacle of our president telling the world the following: 1) that Hillary Clinton is more of an enemy of the American people than Putin; 2) that American institutions, created through a history of free elections, are not to be trusted, but Vladimir Putin is; and 3) that our current president, Trump, is above the rule of law.

The evidence is clear, Mr. Trump prefers the company of tyrants, like Putin, who allow no freedom of the press, where elections are fraudulent, where citizens are intimidated, and where the voice of the people is ignored. Trump’s trusted friend Putin is doing everything he can to destabilize the USA.

Benedict Arnold could not do it better, Mr. Trump.

John Hamilton


Journalism matters

Many years ago, I was a cub sports reporter for the Oregon State University Barometer. My journalism experience was to cover the fall flag football leagues at the university. It was very important that I got the names of the players correct and the scores of the games correct. Journalism mattered then, as it does now.

Gary Woodring


Trump must be removed

Trump has trashed NATO, and calls the European Union a “global adversary.” He insulted all of our allies at the G7 conference proving that America cannot be relied upon.

His tariffs will wreak havoc on our economy. He has denounced the media as “enemy of the people” and said that poor relations with Russia were the fault of both countries and “we’re all foolish” and “we’re all to blame.” He said Putin’s “strong” denial of Russian interference in our election was more believable than our six intelligence agencies and our Senate Intelligence Committee that all say that Russia did interfere, thus proving that he is nothing more than Putin’s lap dog.

When asked by a reporter about Russian interference in our elections, Trump babbled about missing servers and Hillary Clinton. This man is incompetent. He is treasonous and must be removed from office. Now. By any means possible.

Donald Stone


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