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Letters to the Editor, July 25

Thrilled by Civic Center

I am thrilled to see that the city of Phoenix has accomplished a longtime dream, that of building its own Phoenix Plaza Civic Center. As a former resident, Chamber president and business owner, improving our downtown by developing said land had been a goal since at least the 1990s.

It is good to see that local Oregon businesses, Umpqua Bank and Adroit Construction, helped make this vision a reality.

Hopefully this site will be a gathering place for community activities for many, many years.

Jane D. Force

Oro Valley, Arizona

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed when there has been a horrific event, like a mass shooting in a school, Congress “stands for a moment of silence?” And have you also noticed that when Trump says he believes Putin rather than U.S. intelligence agencies, Congress displays nearly the same behavior?

Dan Ginther

Central Point

She’s earned my vote

I admit it. In the past I have voted for incumbents simply because they had seniority in Congress. I was under the impression that the seniority allowed them greater ability to advocate for Oregon’s interests. But now, in the current partisan climate, seniority means lobby (swamp) and party affiliation alliances, not the interests of Oregon.

This election year we have the chance to vote for a energetic newcomer who is interested in hearing from the voters of our district. Her name is Jamie McLeod-Skinner and she is running to be our congressional representative. I have heard her speak and answer questions. Jamie has solid experience in education. She has been in public service for many years.

Most importantly, Jamie is passionate about our state and the resources it has. She honors Oregon values and the needs of rural populations . Her values, abilities and hard work have earned my vote.

Julia Terry


T is for treason

We’ve endured lying politicians before. One might say it goes with the territory. Politicians, lawyers, and liars are nearly synonymous terms. Now we’ve witnessed a “president” siding with our global nemesis, impugning the sworn testimony of law enforcement, security agencies and the informed assessment of numerous lawmakers of both parties. The betrayal is of epic proportions and we should be incensed.

Alas, most will continue to sit mesmerized by their phones, titillated by cat videos, the cavortings of celebrities and one another’s selfies, inured to the antics of the execrable occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

We need to wake up! Repeat after me: “T” is for treason, traitor, two-timer, and Trump! Now open a window and shout it at the top of your lungs.

We also need to decide to vote out the connivers, enablers and toadies who’ve given succor and support to Trump. Write your congressmen, your editors, your friends, your relatives, anyone who will listen, and even those who won’t. This “president” is the enemy of our lifetimes and we must be implacable. That he rose so high is our national disgrace. We will have to live with that. But, for now, we have work to do.

Ted Killian


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