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Letters to the Editor, July 26

Filtered media distort

In the USA, we fight wars to stimulate and enrich the arms manufacturers, chemical sector (ammunition and bombs) and aerospace sector (bombers and missiles.) You cannot sell arms without adversaries, and our politicians in both parties are competing to ensure we always have enemies.

The filtered corporate media refers to the Russian annexation of Crimea and the rebellion of ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine as instigating events leading to the current tensions.

However, before the Crimea annexation, Madame Secretary Clinton, her CIA, and Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups colluded to instigate “dirty tricks” against then-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych (a friend and trading partner of Putin) then secretly orchestrated a coup to oust him. Then they installed neo-conservative, NATO-friendly businessman Oleksandr Turchynov, to promote NATO and Western interests in the Ukraine. For details read “America’s Collusion With Neo-Nazis” at thenation.com.

The corporate mainstream media never mentions the Ukrainian coup and that Crimea is host to the entire Russian southern naval fleet, as it has been for decades.

I despise Trump. I support Sanders and the Green Party, but Trump’s current policy of easing tensions with Russia is something I must support.

Frederick Caruso


More to be concerned about

Is President Trump an unregistered agent for a foreign government (Russia)? Does Greg Walden support Russian involvement in our politics? Do the religious right and NRA members support Russian involvement in our politics?

Other than his fascination with Putin, Trump’s other interests seem to be in insulting and angering people at home and abroad. The majority in our Congress seem more interested in damage control and dismantling the government than in addressing America’s needs, i.e. infrastructure, health, etc.

We have more to be seriously concerned about now than we have had in years.

Carol Little


People before party

What a concept. Not a new idea, but too rarely seen and practiced in these contentious times.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Oregon Congressional District 2 candidate, is proclaiming it by her actions on the campaign trail, in her stands on rural Oregon issues, and on her campaign card: People before party.

Jamie was in Jackson and Josephine counties July 12-18. I saw her Thursday, July 12 at a Habaneros Restaurant gathering. For almost two hours she talked and listened to people’s concerns about health care, living-wage jobs, support for our veterans, and more. She’s savvy, whip-smart and eminently qualified to represent District 2. It was refreshing that I recognized almost no one there — none of the usual party stalwarts — confirming Jamie’s seriousness about putting people before party. We can retire Greg Walden this year. He enables Trump’s actions, which do not reflect Oregon values. We can put our people before party.

Pat Gordon


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