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Letters to the Editor, July 28

Impressed with Jamie

I had the great pleasure of visiting with Jamie McLeod-Skinner at the Cantrall Buckley Park Jubilee recently. I say “visit” and not “meet” because, unlike so many other people running for office, I really felt like she took the time to listen and get to know me. I saw her do the same with many other people at the event.

She asked about what was important to me and what I thought was important to people in the Applegate Valley where I live, and she had good ideas for bringing jobs, health care, and internet to rural areas.

I found Jamie to be warm, interested and engaging, and I hope to have her visit our special part of the world frequently as our new representative.

Seth Kaplan


Stand up for our values

Republicans, Democrats and independents agree that children should not be separated from their families. Hopefully this is an issue that helps us come together as Americans. We must all stand up for our values.

Ginnie Deason


Isn’t it time?

When Presidemt Trump began separating thousands of children from their immigrant parents, our Congressman Greg Walden did nothing. When Trump praised dictators in North Korea, Turkey, the Philippines and Russia, Walden did nothing. When Trump attacked leaders of democracies in Canada, Britain, and Germany, Walden did nothing. When Trump started trade wars with China, Canada, Mexico and the European Union, Walden did nothing. When Trump sided with Putin against the FBI ,the CIA and the Senate, Walden did nothing. When Trump made concessions to Kim Jong Un without getting anything in return, Walden did nothing. Trump has told literally thousands of proven lies, and Walden has not questioned a single one of them. The Trump administration has generated a string of scandals, and Walden has done nothing.

Isn’t it time that we had a representative who at least speaks out for what is right?

Chris Crawford


Reagan rolling over

I’ve never written a letter to the editor, but, following the farce in Helsinki, I feel I should express my opinion.

Ronald Reagan, bless his soul, must be turning over in his grave. Enough said.

John Montgomery


Improve palliative care

This year, more than 21,000 Oregonians will be diagnosed with cancer. They’ll juggle treatment while trying to manage symptoms and side effects like pain and stress. This can be difficult, but palliative care can help.

Palliative care improves quality of life for patients and their families and helps improve overall patient outcomes. It provides an extra layer of support through a team of specialists who manage symptoms and pain, focus on a patient’s treatment goals and help families cope.

Rep. Greg Walden recently advanced legislation in Congress to improve palliative care and pain management training for health care providers and increase access to this type of care nationwide. By improving pain care and increasing research into pain, this bill would also help combat opioid abuse while maintaining cancer patients and survivors’ access to effective pain treatments.

I’ve been working with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network to highlight why we need to improve access to palliative care. That’s why I’m grateful for Rep. Walden’s action on this issue. His Energy and Commerce Committee colleagues just passed this bill, and now it’s time for the House of Representatives to pass it so we can improve quality of life for cancer patients.

Tilly Gibbs


The real definition

Three words will give everyone the real definition of treason: Barack Hussein Obama!

Mick Shindell “7”

Central Point

No masks?

My son-in-law is fighting the fires here in Jackson County. He advised me that he wears a bandanna around his mouth and nose from the smoke. How come they are not provided proper breathing masks? The smoke is hazardous too.

Ch’arlee Snowton


Something ain’t right

I’m a little unsteady after viewing President Trump’s Helsinki meeting/press conference with Russia’s dictator, Vladimir Putin. As one Republican columnist put it, “Something ain’t right.”

In this day and age of outlandish reports on TV, social media and Twitter, it can seem daunting and confusing to find the facts of any situation. This is why I encourage everyone to view the Helsinki meeting/press conference for themselves. While viewing this meeting, ask yourself if President Trump’s behavior is fitting for the leader of the United States — a country that holds free elections, a country that does not shoot down airplanes filled with civilians, and a country where we do not murder our political foes or invade our neighboring countries like Canada and Mexico.

Our intelligence community states that Russia (China is a close second) is the greatest threat to our open system of government. Why President Trump bows to Vladimir Putin remains a mystery. But clearly, “Something ain’t right.”

I support public servants that stand up for the United States. Our president, Donald J Trump, is not one of these people.

Y. Provosty


The moral high ground

Recently my wife and I had dinner with our oldest evangelical friends. We were surprised to find them anti-Trump.

I asked why so many of their evangelical friends support Trump. Their answer was Trump’s anti-abortion position. In short, evangelicals made Trump president because he is anti-abortion.

Once upon a time evangelicals claimed the moral high ground on many issues. However, in making Trump president, they fell into the moral trap of letting the end justify the means. Trump’s moral failings are widely known, but evangelicals overlooked them all.

They voted against marital fidelity, abstinence, honesty, integrity and common decency. They forgot the Ten Commandments. They threw away the golden rule. They stand with Trump’s Russia against America.

Trump is the most unpopular president in modern American history. Anti-abortion is linked to him, and like him, it is now more unpopular than ever. Recent polling reveals that a record high 71 percent of Americans now favor keeping Roe v. Wade.

The conclusion is quite obvious. If you are a Christian evangelical, and you believe abortion is murder, Trump is hurting your cause. Your only truly Christian choice is to immediately stop supporting Trump.

Steve Bull


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