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Letters to the Editor, July 29

Fun with the smoke

Top 10 advantages to living in smoke:

10) Everything tastes like BBQ!

9) You finally read that book.

8) Puffy bedroom eyes are back in style.

7) Ooh! Designer face masks!

6) Surrealistic sunsets: who needs LSD?

5) Going to the movies counts as exercise.

4) New superpower: the ability to vanish into thick air!

3) You can blame literally anything on “this #@$& smoke!”

2) That “stop smoking” resolution is a moot point.

1) Everybody’s having a bad hair day!

You’re welcome.

Kathy Dunn


Shame on Rogue Climate

On July 5 , firefighters were called into action near Gold Beach to contain an out-of-control fire caused by environmental activist groups from Eugene and Medford.

These people created a disaster that took nine days, 700 firefighters and more than 36,000 working hours to contain. Destroying 400 acres of land, the blaze eviscerated wildlife habitats, forests, water resources and recreational spaces.

I was born in Gold Beach and know this place well. Thankfully, our coastal firefighting services and volunteers responded quickly to save homes and prevent innocent people from being harmed or killed.

By their own admission, Rogue Climate and the Civil Liberties Defense Center created a fire that has incurred more than $2 million in damages. Not to mention the associated environmental damages like the release of harmful pollutants from the fire itself or emissions from firefighting aircrafts and ground equipment.

I believe in the protection of our environment and in the strengthening of our economy. Obviously, Oregon’s scenic beauty is important to our local culture and to what brings in tourism dollars every year. Shame on Rogue Climate and CLDC! They no longer have a credible voice in any discussion pertaining to responsible development in Southern Oregon.

R. Todd Goergen

Coos Bay


He is the anti-crust. He is nothing but dough. Dough massaged by Putin’s hands.

The world has been turned upside down. A proud and smart segment of voters did not swallow the establishment bucket of swill and vote for Hillary, while a gullible, guileless mob choked down their own morals to elect a twice-divorced, six times bankrupt, tactless billionaire who routinely pays off porn stars.

Sickening to see them try and defend their actions instead of admitting their mistake.

We have a planet to save. Pass the Sanders amendment and get money out of politics. The United States should be leading the free world with ethics and morals.

Tom Espinosa


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