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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 1

No homeless shelter

I strongly oppose building a 100-bed homeless shelter in Medford. A few weeks back, the question was asked of all mayors in Jackson County, how they handled their homeless problems. Hank Williams, the Central Point mayor, said they had no homeless problems because they had no enabling services for them. A 100-bed shelter would be a call to all homeless that Medford is rolling out the red carpet for them.

I just returned from a weekend in Portland and I resented having to walk around bodies lying on the sidewalks. San Francisco is even worse. I moved from Ashland to Medford because I felt that Ashland had given over their downtown to “the homeless.” Please, abandon these plans for more “homeless” services. I do not want to see our fair city turn into Portland, San Francisco or Eugene.

E. McNeil


Godspeed, Mr. President

If Russian meddling in the 2016 election was an ice cube, then the Obama administration’s alleged interference in that election was an iceberg, and Mueller’s investigation can be seen as the “insurance policy” should all else fail and Trump won.

The true danger we faced in 2016 was the alleged abuse of FISA. That should send chills down your spine. FISA is the secret court that can approve government spying on Americans. In my opinion, the alleged abuse of that secret court by rogue actors in Obama’s Justice Department led to illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign.

If true, that was the real attack on our democracy and on our constitutional rights. That was the collusion to change an election. Where is the special counsel for that?

The “Resistance” believes that President Trump isn’t fit to lead the free world. On the contrary, President Trump may be humanity’s last best hope to turn back socialism, and once and for all drive a stake through the heart of Karl Marx.

If we lose this struggle against the “Resistance,” and against the evils of socialism, eventually your grandchildren will lose their nation and will lose their freedom.

Godspeed, Mr. President.

Doug Dusenberry

Gold Hill

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