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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 2

The wrong time

We are sweltering in the Southern Oregon heat and smoke, with severely unhealthy air now seeming to be the new normal, canceling many outdoor events, and causing people to want to move elsewhere.

But where can we move? The rest of the world is burning up, too — Sweden, Greece, wildfires in Australia in April, the Melbourne water supply in danger due to “collapse” of forests caused by logging. Excessive rain and floods in other parts of the world, another heat wave in Europe while the glaciers melt and massive icebergs fall into the seas.

Now is absolutely the wrong time to “fast-track” fossil fuel exploration with more pipelines and bigger container ships delivering fuels around the world. It is also totally the wrong time to unprotect our public lands and put them into “timber production.” Our best defense against accelerating climate change is making sure that our green forests flourish, which also means keeping the Endangered Species Act strong. Support our amazing, beautiful, diverse Cascade-Siskiyou forests and monument, while they generously cool and clean our air and water, sequester carbon, provide wildlife sanctuary and feed our weary souls.

Bonnie Johnson


What you can do

Are you tired of waking up to yellow skies and toxic air every morning in the Rogue valley? Maybe you’re worried that your house might burn down if you mow your lawn?

You probably think that a firefighter fighting a blaze in Yosemite shouldn’t have his home burn down in Redding. Maybe you don’t want to wear an N95 all summer. Are you fed up with corporate America telling us to ignore the progressively worsening climate crisis driving these fires? If you have $10 to spare (or more), here are some things you can do:

Donate to “Our Children’s Trust.” They are suing the federal government for failing to protect our climate. https://www.ourchildrenstrust.org/donate/

Buy carbon offsets from “South Pole Group”: https://shop.southpolecarbon.com/

Donate to Jeff Golden’s State Senate campaign. He will help stop the Jordan Cove gas pipeline and write an effective carbon cap-and-trade bill: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/goldenforsenate

Julian Bell


The ultimate consequences

Two parents wanted to live well but could not afford it so they took out multiple charge cards in their children’s names. When their cards were maxed out they sent the bill to their children to pay.

Does this story sound like the ultimate consequences of the recent tax bill?

Frank Hieber


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