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Letters to the Editor, July 31

A better representative

What are this country’s priorities?

We’re going to spend $4 billion to repaint Air Force One.

We gave tax cuts to the rich that add nearly $2 trillion to the debt.

We’re spending $50 million on a military parade.

But we don’t have the $1 billion to $2 billion to fund the VA Mission Act.

When did the Republican Party deviate from balanced budgets, reined-in spending, and supporting our veterans? In all of this nonsense, Greg Walden has said nothing, yet he claims to support veterans and moderate spending. Of course, he led the charge on ACA repeal, which would have been devastating for veterans. He hasn’t championed legislation to solve the homeless veteran crisis, even though we’re seeing an increase for the first time in seven years.

We don’t need parades or repainted planes or this Congress. We do need a better representative, and I think that person is Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Liisa Shunn


Country above party

We face a crisis similar to that which we faced in the 1850s. At that time, Democrats with conscience found they could no longer square their values with where their party had strayed. As a result, they placed country and their values above party, and abandoned the Democrat commitment to slavery.

Republicans with conscience face the same dilemma. Are their values reflected in the Trumpist agenda that has consumed the Republican Party? We see Republicans enabling, supporting and advocating for the vile and disgusting actions of this administration as it lauds dictators, despots and long-time adversaries, while simultaneously bullying, embarrassing and criticizing our long-time allies. This corruption, ignorance and incompetence, the like of which our nation has never witnessed, must end.

For this to happen, Republicans should place country above party and vote against Trumpism (as presented to us locally by proclaimed Republicans) at every level in the November election.

Bruce Bauer


Thanks for grants

The Medford office of St. Vincent de Paul is grateful to the many funds and foundations which have supported our programs providing rental assistance and housing move-in costs this year. These programs have helped many deserving families in Jackson County avoid homelessness.

Generous grants were received from The Oregon Community Foundation funds of Ames-Fluhrer Charitable Fund, Dant Family Fund and the Reed and Carolee Walker Fund. We also received generous donations from Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation, Templeton Foundation, Robert and Frances Chaney Foundation, Arthur R. Dubs Foundation, Naumes Family Foundation, St. Augustine Foundation, Umpqua Bank Foundation, the Doris and Michael Garcia Fund and the cities of Medford and Central Point.

We are an all-volunteer organization and all grants go directly to assisting clients. We welcome new volunteers in all areas of our work. Call 541-772-3828 and ask for our volunteer coordinator. Training is provided.

Phyllis Douglas


A question for the people

Have you received you extortion letter from Pacific “Greed” Power?

Please go online and research these so-called smart meters yourself!

There are way too many unanswered issues pertaining to them — and in order to protect our family we need to understand what we are truly up against. Would you put your baby or grandchild in a room that has one installed just a wall away? Why are they asking their op-out fee in the first place? Is Pacific “Greed” Power not making enough money?

This family is saying “no.” How many hard-working people are they going to put out of work — but then again, they really don’t care.

M. Coleman

Central Point

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