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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 8

Not homeless by choice

In response to E. McNeil’s letter of Aug. 1, “No homeless shelter”:

I am an honorably discharged Vietnam veteran who, upon returning from the war, went to work and retired after 30 years of employment from Good Samaritan Regional Cancer Center in Corvallis.

After retirement, due to many circumstances beyond my control, I became homeless. It was not a choice. No one rolled out a red carpet to me. I did not ask for one.

But the people of this community, its agencies and nonprofits, helped me find stability and re-employment to get where I am today.

I am now in an assisted living care home, paying my own way with my own money, and am gratefully not one of the burdens the letter writer is so frightened of.

Dale Relph


Putin’s poodle

President Ronald Reagan must be rolling over in his grave right now.

The GOP was once the party that stood up to Russian strongmen. Trump’s friendship with Putin comes with a cost to our national interests.

America’s commitment to our NATO allies has served as a powerful deterrent to military aggression in Europe following two devastating world wars. This president seems determined to harm both our international alliances and our economically valuable trade agreements.

Only a handful of patriotic Republican servants in Congress such as Senator McCain and Senator Flake are willing to condemn Trump’s shameful behavior.

That is why it is more important than ever to vote for Democratic Party candidates for congress this next November. Democrats alone are willing to check a president who is so obsequious and deferential to a Russian dictator that he has become known as Putin’s Poodle.

Donna Breedlove


Truth in news

I want to commend Dan McFarland. I did vote for Trump, but agree with Mr. McFarland completely. News is suppose to be honest and checked, anymore they just write or say what they want instead of honest and objective reporting (copied from Mr. McFarland).

It would be nice to have honest news again and be able to trust the press and news reporters. I quit watching that part of the news, in fact I quit watching most any news, unless it’s telling about the fires and related news, figure they can’t lie to much about that. Thank you, Mr. McFarland.

Judy Westcott


Try saturation bombing

The air quality is now unlivable because of forest fires, more will start soon and there is no end in sight until the rains come. Forest management has failed, heroic firefighting approaches take weeks or months, and the experts have not reduced the disasters.

Nothing we have been doing is working. Each year we experience more and bigger fires. This is now a yearly event and it is destroying lives, the economy and outdoor activities.

It is time for adding a new approach to existing activities. We need to think outside the box. Purchase 100-plus planes for saturation bombing. When the fire starts, immediately put it out with a squadron of planes. There are surplus planes, new planes and the Air National Guard, lets retrofit 20 and give it a try. The Carr fire started, like all fires, as a small spark, then a few acres, then a few hundred acres. It burned for days before it exploded. Twenty planes flying over and dropping retardant the first day would have put it out.

Please, don’t anyone tell me this would cost too much. We can find the money from state, federal, insurance companies, benevolent donors, businesses, and a forest firefighting tax.

Dennis Neeley

Central Point

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