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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 10

Do your homework

Based on all the information I can find, Russia has not changed a single vote in our elections in the past. Our voting system is too decentralized, the votes are counted at the county level, not at a centralized location.

What Russia is doing is attempting to sow discord and misinformation (fake news and propaganda) that will lead to divisiveness among us Americans. When I was growing up, I was taught to not believe what I read and only half of what I saw. Today, those teachings are more important than ever with the technology available to us today.

I urge everyone that gets their news on the web to research and verify it. Our 241-year-old democracy is susceptible to misinformation and exaggeration, since speech is protected by the First Amendment. Our democracy will only last so long as we have informed voters. Do your homework before you vote!

Gordon Challstrom



Recently, we saw contrast and humor in this section thanks to the editor (July 15). First, we read a letter from Michael Steely, consistently stingy on solutions but lavish in vitriol against persons or things he does not, cannot, or will not understand. Once again, Steely spewed personal attacks against the current president and shared his fantasies with us (Lock him up!).

Immediately following was a carefully crafted, historically framed letter from Dennis Sinclair. What a contrast! Sinclair’s letter pointed out the recent poisonous verbal attacks and actual violence against elected and appointed officials by Democratic Party activists. This letter equated these desperate tactics to those employed by the Confederacy in launching Pickett’s Charge, “The high water mark of the Confederacy,” at the Battle of Gettysburg. Sinclair’s letter showed the desperation and lack of substance of both the Democratic Party and Steely. Thank you!

Priscilla Vanderlip


Beware outrageous tactics

When someone reports a “fact” that seems outrageous, such as Lilsa Shunn did on July 31, you should do an internet search to verify the statement. Shunn said “We’re going to spend $4 billion to repaint Air Force One.” Outrageous! What responsible government would waste billions of dollars to repaint an airplane that is 31 years old and has no replacement parts manufactured?

What Shunn’s statement didn’t explain was, $3.9 billion is Boeing’s price for building two new Air Force One planes. Her statement tells part of the story, and is intended to lead you to conclude that Trump and, therefore all Republicans, are frivolously squandering tax money so you will vote for a Democrat to replace Rep. Walden. I wonder if the Democrat Shunn favors, McLeod-Skinner, is resorting to similar tactics to mislead the public. Beware of outrageous tactics.

Sanford Fleming


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