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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 18

Too much smoke and taxes

It has been drawn to my attention that Eagle Point School District 9 is proposing to once again raise our property taxes by adding another $1 per $1,000 assessed value.

Instead of raising our taxes I would ask them to work with county, state and federal entities to consider harvesting the timber that has been burned in this year’s horrible fires. It would require thinking outside of the normal box and working together but it makes good, sustainable financial and ecological sense. There is all ready too much smoke and taxes.

Anne Murphy

Eagle Point

It’s on us

Fight! Our voices and votes matter, now! Don’t await powerful Washington to stand up. Our supposed “representatives” remain timid, stay silent, do nothing.

They’re quiet facing corruption; a habitually lying, compromised president who makes Putin his emulated hero. Silent on protecting public voting, the basis of our legitimacy and independent sovereignty. Crickets, amidst caging asylum-seeking children. Impotent on protecting our planetary environment that may no longer support our grandchildren, not heeding five decades of scientific warnings!

Foundational institutions, international alliances, intelligence agencies, civil servants of integrity, objective factual media, are all belittled. We’re told to ignore the evidence of our own eyes and ears as “enemies” and a “hoax.”

Billions are funneled upward to those least in need, but don’t rebuild infrastructuresm or make education, college loans, housing, health care, accessible or affordable.

Name a program from worker protections to living wages, rational pharmaceutical pricing, Social Security, to dignity into retirement, the Republican establishment has worked to enact.

It’s our time. Stand, speak, volunteer, vote, elect and demand government that works as promised: “Of, for, and by the people,” not the insatiable, greedy, myopic or blisteringly gullible.

Democracy works only when we don’t act like sheep. Go do it, now!

Rob Hirschboeck


Saturday letter selection

I wish to commend both the letter writers and the editors for their selection of last Saturday’s letters (Aug. 11).

Three thoughtful, well reasoned letters addressing critical issues of the day and notably free of hyperbole followed by, well, I’m not sure how to describe it other than a mean-spirited rant against liberals.

Thank you for the striking comparison of viewpoints.

Patrick Burch


A question

I have a question for those of you who don’t see a problem with “open borders” in our country: Do you lock your doors at night?

Sure, some stranger could just walk right in and possibly cause damage and violence to you and your family, and rob you of everything you own. But after all, aren’t these just people like us, seeking to make a better life for themselves, deserving of the resources that you can provide? Besides, your door was unlocked.

And maybe when they are through depleting you of your resources you can pick up the cab fare for them to go and share the wealth with the rest of their family. Why not go the extra mile and pay their medical bills, and what the heck, kick in the tuition for a good college education (it shouldn’t cost you too much — they get in-state rates the same as your kids do, and your tax dollars will make up for the difference).

You’re OK with all that, right? Certainly you wouldn’t object! It would be inconsistent with your generous principles, and your thoughtful deliberation on this matter. Do you lock your doors? Why, that would be hypocritical, wouldn’t it?

Mark Giuntini


Fire prevention tax

Like most citizens I am not fond of paying taxes, but we should initiate a county fire prevention tax so we can prevent what happened in Redding from happening here.

We need to be proactive and a tax would pay the salaries of fire prevention experts so we don’t spend our summers in smoke masks waiting for autumn.

We could add this tax to our property taxes . If one considers the cost of fighting fires and the lost revenue to Oregon because of the fires, the added expense would be money well spent.

Char Hersh


Racism in a suit

No longer is the face of racism and bigotry a hooded Klansman burning crosses and lynching. Racism today wears a suit, uses coded speech and feels proud to be openly seen. We Americans have the honor of having Donald Trump show his racism and bigotry through tweets and speeches.

Note: His recent tweets belittling the intelligence of LeBron James. Referring to the NFL players who protested systematic racism in recent football games as not having the intelligence to understand why and for what they protest. Let us not forget his comments on Charlottesville one year ago. He wanted Obama’s college and law school transcripts because he couldn’t understand how he (apparently secondary to being black) could not only be accepted, but graduate.

A new face of racism and bigotry is to demean and belittle the intelligence of blacks and other minorities. Where did this practice come from? From the playbook of the white nationalists, a fear-driven hate group invigorated by the Trump presidency. Check out the Southern Poverty Law Center for facts, not fake news.

I know most Trump supporters are not racists, but if you support Trump you must accept his racism.

Ken Gosling


A Trump enabler

This is a response to those who argue that Greg Walden’s seniority means we should vote for him.

If Greg Walden were actually representing Congressional District 2 Oregonians, this argument would make sense. The reality is, however, that Greg Walden represents only the corporations that fund his campaigns, the richest 1 percent.

If he cared for his constituents he wouldn’t have tried to pull health insurance from thousands of us. If he cared for his constituents, he would not support the racism, sexism, bigotry, anti-science ignorance, incompetence, treason, racial profiling and simple inhumanity that is represented by the Trump administration.

This is not what Oregon stands for; this is not what Oregonians want. Walden is a Trump enabler. Voting for Walden means voting for Treasonous Trump.

Alternatively, we could vote for sanity and humanity and support Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress. Jamie would represent us in Congress; Walden does not!

Trisha Vigil


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