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Letters, Aug. 25

Sanctuary trauma

I cried on Aug. 15. My generation of males don’t cry, and if we do we don’t admit it. I sat alone that morning and watched the child sex abuse report in Pennsylvania by 100-plus priests sexually abusing thousands of young boys and girls.

I am a trauma survivor and worked in a Vietnam outreach center for most of the 1980s. I have heard what I think is every form of trauma story. One that still haunts me was a vet telling me he was sexually abused as a boy for years by male relatives. He added “I couldn’t wait to grow up, join the military and kill someone to prove I was a man.” Turned out killing another didn’t give him peace. He told me I helped him and I told him that sharing with other survivors helps.

I submit that there are categories of trauma. The most destructive type is “sanctuary trauma.” That is trauma resulting from violation(s) from those that are supposed to be your sanctuary such as the priesthood — and country/war.

If you are helped and motivated to take action, good. Helping others and positive action are powerful types of recovery and finding meaning to your pain.

Larry Slessler


The fix is in

The lack of a defense by Paul Manafort only proves one thing — that the fix is in! Clearly Manafort, by agreeing to stay mum regarding Trump, has been promised a pardon. He didn’t have to put on a defense, he can be pardoned.

The lack of respect for the rule of law by Trump and his cronies is disgusting and a few years ago, unimaginable. However, now, Trump believes that he is above the law — after all, he can pardon all of his cooperating thugs/cronies, and even himself!

And, all of the Republicans, especially our complicit Greg Walden (remember the smirk on his face as he stood with Paul Ryan while gutting affordable health insurance for 25 million Americans?), continue to stand by this lawless, unethical monster some call president. May all of the unethically, morally challenged Republicans go down with the Trump ship this fall.

Tom Dimitre


Break it up

With regards to the mess/confabulation of Bear Creek under Jackson Street Bridge, get out the jackhammer and make a cut in the old sewer section and break up the concrete confabulation on the downstream side or call out the highlanders and lowlanders and everyone in between and fill in the scoured out areas with 20 yards of river rock and create a set of riffles.

Bob Shand


About ‘dogs’

Interesting that Trump refers to his media enemies as “dogs.” Dogs are a loving, loyal, highly intelligent species who deserve respect and humane treatment.

Unlike former presidents, the current embarrassment has no literal dog in the white house and that is a good thing. One can only imagine the abusive treatment a creature with no monetary value would receive at the hands of this pathetic man.

Linda Barnett


Free press editorials

As a Tribune subscriber I am sorely disappointed that this newspaper did not participate in the Aug. 16 “free press” editorials that appeared in many papers across the country.

No matter what the views of the paper, its editorial staff, its writers or its readers, it is essential to the well-being of this nation that the press remain free and that it is not suppressed by any part of the government. The press is not “the enemy of the people,” and I feel strongly that reporting should not be treated as “false news” when the news does not agree with the agenda of its critics. Shame on the Tribune and Rosebud Media for missing this opportunity to declare the press as a free, independent voice that is so vital to this nation.

Susan Yamins


No longer disappointed

At first, I was disappointed that you did not join the Aug. 16 nationwide newspaper editorial defense of a free press against Trump’s outrageous, dangerous attacks. After reading your excellent Aug. 17 editorial explaining why, however, I understand and respect your reasons for not doing so.

I did not know about the heartening unanimous Senate resolution defending a free press. It’s most mysterious, then, that most Republican senators continue to defend, enable and excuse Trump. His and their names will go down in infamy.

Julia Sommer


Why Trump is hated

If Gordon DeVos (Aug. 9) hasn’t figured out why the press and Justice Department hate Trump, maybe I can enlighten him.

If you call the constitutionally protected press the “enemy of the people” and you accuse the Justice Department of lying and treason, those folks are not going to like you very much. Trump himself has been called a pathological liar, a bully, a moron, an idiot, an immoral bigot, a bloviating ignoramus, a cheat, a self-serving narcissist, a hypocrite and a traitor, but beyond what Republicans have labeled him (all true), here are two ways to help you figure him out:

1. Anything Trump repeats over and over is a lie (that works better than a polygraph).

2. Anything he accuses others of doing, he is doing and they’re not (it’s called projection).

So now you know. Also know, I pray every day that power is stripped from this evil man that is trying to destroy the promise of America enshrined in our Constitution, which Trump and followers would be surprised to know is about more than the Second Amendment and presidential power. Godspeed, Robert Mueller, Godspeed.

Steve Armantrout


Demand safety

Recently a jury ordered Monsanto to pay $289 million to a groundskeeper who developed lymphoma after years of using Roundup containing glyphosate.

Now the Environmental Work Group has announced results of a study that shows glyphosate is all over the oats in Quaker Oats, Cheerios and granola bars. Children before age 2 are particular susceptible. (www.ewg.org/childrenshealth/glyphosateincereal/) These oats are not GMOs developed by Monsanto to withstand applications of Roundup. These are regular oats that have been subjected to pre-harvest applications to hasten their readiness — as are other crops.

Growers have used an estimated 1.8 billion tons of the chemical since it was introduced in the mid-1970s. Trump’s EPA has used studies ghost-written by Monsanto to downplay Roundup’s dangers, but the International Agency for Research on Cancer found it to be a probable carcinogen.

Not only is glyphosate tainting our food, it is killing many beneficial plants and seeds. The monarch butterfly population has declined 90 percent in 20 years due to collateral loss of milkweed. The Farm Bill which Rep.Walden supported in the House would prohibit states or localities from setting their own standards for agri-chemicals, allowing major corporations to pursue nationwide use of their poisons. Demand safety for our lives.

Lois DeBruno


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