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Letters. Aug. 27

Ambrose’s ignorance

As a subscriber to the MT I appreciate its moderately liberal bent and the need to provide balance among its opinion pieces. Admittedly, it is difficult to provide a respectable defense for a world-class liar, fraudster, philanderer and racist who is our president. But can MT do no better than the weekly dose of Trumpian trash dispensed by Jay Ambrose?

An example from his Aug. 18 column is illustrative of the ignorance or moral abdication of the columnist and his Republican ilk: “So far, the foremost, unintended revelation emanating largely from the many-sided onslaught has been that a certain former CIA chief and key FBI players were up to their throat in misdeeds and that the 2016 presidential campaign that most needed investigation is Clinton’s.”

America failed a national I.Q. test in the 2016 presidential election. It is imperative that retests of later this year and 2020 restore our self-respect and standing as a world leader.

Solomon Tesman


Denying the obvious

It’s astonishing how humans can deny the obvious! We thought once serious regional disasters occurred that clearly implicated global warming, Americans and our leaders would respond. Think again!

Here we are, confronted by dwindling snowpack, advancing spring snowmelt, and suffocating heat stimulating wildfires and hazardous health conditions, and still there are those like Trump and his cult who blame something or someone else, deny the science, and recommend logging the forest to protect it. Here we are with decades of fire suppression having transformed our forests, and still we have folks urging yet more fire suppression rather than sane forest management that would allow us to manage the inevitable and essential forest fires.

We face a catastrophe of immense proportions if we fail to address global warming; we are just seeing a small harbinger of our future. Yes, indeed, global biodiversity along with our agriculture, our forestry and our fisheries are at risk. For our children’s sake we should reject this ridiculous denial and work together to solve the problem of climate pollution before it’s too late — and that’s if we are not too late already.

Denying global warming is as smart and helpful as medically denying cancer exists.

Alan Journet, co-facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now


We deserve better

Don’t we deserve better representation in Washington?

Are we so insignificant in the larger scheme of things that the best we can do is a quisling like Greg Walden?

A sitting member of Congress who took the side of terrorists who openly waged an armed takeover of federal property over the American men and women of the FBI and state and local law enforcement is the best we can do?


Dan Queen


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