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Letters, Oct. 1

Those lazy Mexicans

As you devour that steak or a hamburger, most likely the men on the killing floor and the butchers were Latinos and most likely the products in your salad were harvested by Mexican labor. And that pear or apple in your hand was picked by Pedro or Juan during a steaming summer and the tree trimming done during freezing and wet winters by the same group of people.

Chances are the chef/cook and dishwashers speak Spanish. Let us not forget those who trim, treat with pesticides and harvest in the vineyards are Mexicans as well. Visit the supplied housing and check out the size of the bins that must be filled to make $100 (with a deduction for Social Security which they will never use). As for all the white folks who are bent over for 10 hours a day gingerly picking strawberries — well

Janet Crawford


On-the-job training

Lately, I’ve been hearing the expression “career politician” bandied about as if it were a bad thing. Personally, I feel more comfortable being treated by a “career physician,” and would prefer having a “career electrician” tend to our electrical needs, than the new guy hoping for on-the-job training.

But alas, some of us elected a president who has demonstrated little to no interest in history, world politics, diplomacy or environmental issues.

What I have seen is unflagging corruption, and the willingness of his supporters to let their standards of morality take a back seat. Evangelists supporting a guy who cheated on three wives and openly brags about sexual abuse? Yikes!

POTUS has defended his Supreme Court nominee’s questionable slant on morality with great alacrity. Many of us who attended school with the “entitled” have stories like Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s, and will readily tell you that these men will do anything not to lose or be caught.

Oh, for the days when Republican leaders were merely shooting their friends in the face on hunting trips.

My glimmer of hope: the last president who sat a morally questionable judge on the Supreme Court only lasted for one term.

L.J. Zinkand


Thank you, Mail Tribune

Thank you for your front-page article on Curt Ankerberg, and for including all the disgusting comments he’s made. While I admit I was startled at first glance, I applaud you for having the integrity and courage to expose the true nature of the man, something we need more of these days.

Too many times articles of this importance are relegated to the back pages. But with the abhorrent moron we now have in the White House, along with his repulsive Supreme Court nominee, it’s even more imperative that truth not be shrouded.

A lie is not an alternative fact. It’s a lie. True stories are not fake news. They are actual accounts of reality. And the current occupant of the White House is not “the most popular person in the history of the Republican Party,” nor is he the most intelligent. He’s a bald-faced liar.

People have the right to know the truth about who they are electing. You were right to call out a foul-mouthed, tax-evading louse on the front page. Now let’s call out Trump and Kavanaugh for the despicable perverts they both are.

Marti Hawes

Eagle Point

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