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Letters, Oct. 4

Vote Greg Walden

Greg Walden is the only sensible choice for Congress! He fights at the federal level for our rights at the local level!

Don’t let media smear tactics make you ashamed of being conservative. Don’t fall for it! Greg Walden is the clear and superior choice for Oregon and our future. He is local and he cares about our local issues.

I have met Congressman Walden many times and know him to be a thoughtful and effective voice for Oregon. Vote Greg Walden for Congress!!

Janice Heauser


Keep up the good work

Thank God the Democrats are in there fighting to make sure Brett Kavanaugh does not get on the Supreme Court!

The Democratic Party has a long and proud history of fighting for the rights of women. We have great people like Bill Clinton, Keith Ellison, Anthony Weiner and Sherrod Brown to thank for that.

Keep up the great work, guys!

Joe Thomas


Re-elect Dyer

Please join me in re-electing Rick Dyer as our county commissioner.

I have known Rick for nearly 30 years and have found him to be a caring, compassionate and positive influence in our community. His tireless involvement in the community and the MBA Basketball Program shows that he is a man of service and integrity who truly wants the best for Jackson County.

Rick has been a part of the MBA Program for the past five years, volunteering numerous hours coaching, help in organizing teams, and a board member this past year. The MBA Program strives to provide leadership and positive mentoring to the youth in our community. Rick has been a part of making this possible.

I know he will continue to serve the county with the same passion he exhibits in all of his endeavors.

Manny Crump, director, Manny’s Basketball leagues


Recycling? Not!

As most of us realize, the recycling programs available through our local disposal companies are ridiculous (or deplorable).

We are now only able to recycle four types of items. Glass is excluded. Although there are large bins set up by Rogue Disposal where we can dump our glass items, this is highly inconvenient for many people. Why is this item banned from our red recycle cans? And if corrugated cardboard is OK, why are other types of cardboard boxes excluded?

Oregonians have always been committed to protecting the environment, yet we are now forced to dump a huge amount of previously recyclable material into our regular garbage, which then ends up in landfill. And we have no choice but to follow the dictates of our disposal company.

I feel it is the civic responsibility of our county and community government officials to stand up to the local disposal companies on behalf of their constituents. These companies have a monopoly on how we dispose of our trash and recyclables. It is time our elected officials work on our behalf and force these companies to provide us with a service that is both convenient and most important, ecologically sound.

Bruce Stanbridge


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