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Letters, Oct. 5

Changed my support

Since several MT readers have quoted an earlier letter that I sent regarding Jamie McLeod-Skinner, I feel responsible to update my current position.

While I urged voters to select other candidates to run against McLeod-Skinner during the primary, I have now joined her campaign and am actively working for her election. She and I have talked and I have decided that she is a far better choice than Greg Walden to represent our congressional district.

I have tracked her and been impressed with her attitude to listen to constituents and to articulate a strong message on issues such as education, health and the environment. I urge voters to support Jamie because she has the capability to be effective in the Washington arena.

Al Muelhoefer



The Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s strident, hate-filled attack against the opposing party painted a decidedly clear picture of a politicly opinionated, beer-drinking white man. I do not believe he can be a fair and impartial judge.

The accusations against him do not need to be true. His party had dispensed with tradition of a 60 percent majority, eliminated the filibuster and blocked nominees by another president in their attempts to stack the court in their favor. This recent history and their refusal to release information and rush through confirmation, leave the indelible stain of fascism.

This nominee is unqualified and his political party is acting in their own interests and against the interests of the American people.

Tom Espinosa


Enough to bar him

Is Christine Ford’s accusation the most serious charge of the Senate hearing? Yes, and it is more than enough to bar Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court, but also equally enough to bar him was his hysterical opening defense.

Saying that the Senate “circus” is due to outrage at Trump’s election, revenge for the Clintons, and the left wing’s millions of dollars, shows that he is “Trump’s poodle” (words from an eminent presidential historian), and unqualified to be an independent, impartial judge in any court of our democracy. Kavanaugh’s violent language could have been would-be dictator Trump’s spewings, summed up in two words: “witch hunt.” The Constitution gives “advice and consent” power to the Senate so that no president’s judicial nomination can ever be “in his pocket.” Cowardly Republican senators trying to be Trump’s poodles should remember that other presidents, including Johnson and Roosevelt, tried to “stack” their courts, but were turned down by principled senators of their times.

George Holland, Ph.D.


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