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Letters, Oct. 8

List all candidates

I can’t believe your election 2018 article by Damian Mann Sept. 27. As a current council candidate for Position 3 in Ashland, I vowed not to accept nor spend any money. I deliberately avoided meeting the short deadline and expense of getting into the Voters’ Pamphlet.

I do believe, however, that for the voters’ benefit and enlightenment, all candidates who are willing to serve and make the effort should be listed without photos, bios or endorsements. Without complete disclosure of all candidates, the Voters’ Pamphlet is a disservice.

Al Willstatter


Is it too late?

The news on a recent morning chilled me. I read that last night 1,600 immigrant children were roused from their beds in foster homes and group homes all across the nation. In the dead of night these precious beings were flown to a concentration camp in Texas.

It seems like a page out of Nazi Germany in 1936. I can’t believe that it is happening in our country. How terrifying it must have been for these children to be pulled from bed by jack-booted thugs paid for by you and me. How vast this secret army must be to pull this off.

We must stop this monstrous immoral behavior that is happening in our names. We need our own army of kindness, an army that remembers what America stands for. Please do what you can to help these children. I don’t have any answers other than vote for people who still have a heart. No more millionaires or billionaires please.

I still believe that the majority of Americans live with love in their hearts. Together we can find a way out of this nightmare.

Cindy Darnell


Go figure

If you can’t figure out why some people don’t agree that dignity and a sense of honor are more important than lying and bullying to “win” and get what you want ...

If you can’t figure out why some people don’t see the benefit of being kind, respectful and helpful to others even if they are different and seemingly might not deserve it as true Christians are taught ...

If you can’t figure out why some people believe the insanely blatant hypocrisy from Trump and his supporters that claim the moral and constitutional high ground given the continually proven examples of their un-American behavior ...

Don’t feel too bad, it’s a safe bet our creator can’t either.

Steve Sutfin


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