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Letters, Oct. 13

Shame on you

Would your paper have published a letter referring to a “politically opinionated, beer-drinking black man”? Brown man? Yellow man?

I doubt it. Apparently you now believe that some animals are more equal than others.

George Nataly


Continuing to oppose

We were prompted by a glossy ad flier from the promoters of “Jordan Cove/Pembina” to send them our comments regarding their attempts to put in a “Jordan Cove LNG” pipeline across lands and rivers, disregarding all of the many scientific reasons they should not, and why they should abandon such an appallingly harmful idea.

We will leave aside the multitude of specifics that have been addressed and of which they have already been informed — specifics regarding the manifestly questionable economics and the clearly hazardous environmental degradation that have been carefully studied and documented. That a profit-driven company such as “Pembina” would arrogantly persist in the face of all that has been determined as to why this is such an egregiously ill-conceived notion flies in the face of all logic and established facts as to the highly detrimental effects it would have. We will vigorously continue opposing their attempts to find some way to force this self-serving, harmful idea on the populations, lands and waterways of our state.

Lawrence Nagel


Key democracy issues

I volunteer with Common Cause Oregon, a nonpartisan organization that supports democracy issues throughout the United States, including Oregon.

As the 2018 mid-terms draw near, I wanted to make residents in the Rogue Valley aware of a website that Common Cause has set up that shows how Oregon’s mid-term candidates for office, at the state and national levels, answered questions on important democracy issues: issues they will address while representing you.

To see how your candidates responded to this questionnaire, go to democracy2018.org and type in your address. You’ll then see a list of all of your candidates and if and how they responded. The website helps you get in touch with your candidates to either thank them for responding or ask them to complete the questionnaire. Follow up to let them know that democracy issues are important to you!

The candidate questionnaire asks candidates to respond to seven key democracy issues that have to do with reducing money’s influence in elections, expanding voting rights, insuring election integrity, ensuring fair districts and supporting reflective representation. You and your representatives can work together to support crucial democracy issues!

Rick Bennett


Congrats, McConnell

Starting years ago. Mitch McConnell has been working on his legacy — pack all the courts with extreme right-wing judges and justices.

These people do not give a damn about the average American. They are anti-women’s rights, anti-workers rights, etc. If you have lots of money or you are a big business, or both, you’re set.

McConnell also created, along with his henchmen in the Congress, an atmosphere that elected an evil, knuckle-dragging cretin to the oval office who wants nothing so much as to become king for life, like his lovers Putin and Kim Jong Un. Trump, McConnell and the other cowards in Congress are simply beneath contempt.

Jean Strong


A great new justice

Fantastic, Justice Kavanaugh! Now for a little history, unlike the revisionist, propagated junk by some Ph.D. from Ashland a few days ago.

Back in 1953 our President Dwight Eisenhower had a severe bowel obstruction. With great effort the doctors were able to dislodge the obstruction and out came the appointment of Earl Warren to the Supreme Court. For those of us who lived directly through the majority Warren court era, we have seen the devastation that those demented, constipated old “white” men did to our country.

While I do have to admit that a very finite few decisions were correct, the enormity of the bad far overrides the former. That court is the reason for the entire vagrant problems we are having all over the country. They are responsible for the mental health travesty in this country, and the reason the criminal justice system has been out of control since the mid ’60s.

And if you believe anything in the Warren Report on the assassination of JFK, well.

Mick Shindell “7”

Central Point


What part of MAGA includes the destruction of civility? I, for one, know that America has always been the greatest nation. When 45 took the reins I see an America that is being ripped to shreds.

His penchant for name-calling and belittling any one who dares question his “stable genius” is so repugnant. Why on earth does the POTUS have to ridicule and demean someone who had the courage to come out and speak her truth? What a slap in the face to women of the world!

Day after day he is destroying our government. Trying his best to discredit our national security. Calling a proven real threat of Russia invading on our voting process a “witch hunt.” Telling Americans the press is the enemy and it’s all “fake news.”

His “speech” at the U.N. showed that unless he is with his tribe of Trumpers, his words are sadly just a joke. Even when they snickered at him once again he had to turn it around and say that was his plan. Such a lack of character and his desire to split this nation is very wearing. God Bless America.

Ron Cavalli


Have we forgotten?

Has everyone already forgotten about the fires and smoke of last summer?

Is there an ordinance against burning mattresses, upholstered furniture, plastic, etc. in the county? If there is, will you please tell me who to contact about this? I’ve already called three offices and they all have passed the buck to someone else.

Slash burning by the Forestry Department is one thing, but open burning of contaminated trash is another. We’ve seen several people piling up trash and covering it with branches, leaves and pine needles to be burned when burning season opens. There shouldn’t even be open burning. We’ve had enough smoke to last us a lifetime, not to mention children and senior citizens.

We can’t thank our firefighters enough for risking their lives for our protection, nor can we stress enough sympathy to the loved ones of the fallen.

Is there a politician or a candidate out there that does really care about our forests, lakes, rivers, oceans, or deserts? Do the care about our future children, grandchildren or great grandchildren? Are they planning to plant new trees in the clearcuts or burned areas?

Smokey Bear and Bambi care.

Faye Pietsch

Grants Pass

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