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Letters, Oct. 14

Public education revenue reform

I was pleased to see during recent debates that our candidates for governor are expressing a common interest in investing in our public school system. But in the end these are nothing more than words, and our students here in Phoenix-Talent and across the state need those words to be translated into action.

Oregon’s revenue system is failing our schools and students. School districts throughout the state are struggling with soaring costs that are not being matched by adequate investment into our children’s education.

We need smart fixes to our broken revenue system that will give schools the funds they require to improve educational outcomes for students across Oregon.

Our next governor must be willing to work with the Legislature to raise more revenue to give our schools what they need. All Oregonians have a stake in improving our public education system. Whether Kate Brown or Knute Buehler wins, let’s be sure that our new governor works to implement revenue reforms that will do right by Oregon schools and students.

Craig Prewitt

27 year member, Phoenix-Talent School Board, former President, Oregon School Boards Association



It has been very heartening when I pick up my grandson from school (Hoover) to see all the T-shirts emblazoned with words of kindness. And then I turn on the TV and see our president mocking Christine Blasey Ford similar to when he mocked a handicapped reporter.

Perhaps we should bundle up our kindness shirts, caps, buttons, etc. and mail them to him. But, then again, is it really possible to teach an old dog new tricks?

Beezy Zielony


Support Measure 106

Measure 106 will be on the ballot in November. This measure will give Oregonians a voice to say whether their tax dollars should be spent on abortion.

Abortion hurts women, both emotionally and physically.

Many women who have had abortions regret their decision for the rest of their lives.

Abortion is legal in Oregon for any reason — even late-term abortion on healthy babies, or for the selection of a boy over a girl!

Oregon House Bill 3391 has forced Oregonians to pay for others’ abortions in the state with tax dollars, regardless of their sincerely held beliefs about the practice. Many Oregonians hold that human life is precious, and that children in the womb deserve protection. Measure 106 allows all Oregonians to stay true to their values by not forcing those who believe that children are a blessing to pay for abortion.

L. Horn

Eagle Point

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