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Letters, Oct. 15

Thanks for dog rescue

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. To the pair who stopped to rescue our loose dog at a busy intersection last Sunday afternoon, I didn’t get your names, but you are kind and wonderful.

Mary Heath


Thanks for fire focus

Thank you for continuing the coverage on fires and smoke. The front page stories demand we take action. The stories provide valuable information on the resources used and who is making the decisions

Please continue to focus on this very important issue to the Rogue Valley.

Joan Dean


No on 106

I acknowledge the moral discomfort regarding abortion. But there are important reasons why it needs to remain a safe and legal procedure for a woman to access.

All contraceptive methods have a failure rate. Unintended pregnancies can sidetrack educational and employment goals, strain family financial resources and compromise the ability to provide for existing or subsequent children.

Ballot Measure 106 discriminates against low-income families. If it passes, abortion would only be available for those with means. Low-income families who depend on the Oregon Health Plan would be further impoverished. Other public services required by low-income families would increase. There is no economic benefit to taxpayers.

As a retired physician, I’ve seen first-hand how rural Oregonians face major obstacles in obtaining medically safe, accessible and private reproductive services. Measure 106 would only eliminate abortion access for those who need it most.

I advise a no vote on Measure 106.

Bill Southworth, M.D.


Sickler for sheriff

Sheriff Nathan Sickler with dedication has worked hard building his law enforcement skills and qualifications to better serve Jackson County. He has earned his promotions through merit and not through political favoritism.

Sheriff Sickler continuously works on improving his department’s ability to provide professional services and raising their already high standards. Sheriff Sickler leads by example, is trustworthy, has a vision for his department and how they can better serve our county, he holds his personnel accountable and rewards his personnel who excel in their performance.

As the former Medford chief of police, I value and recognize leaders committed to integrity, service and continuous improvement of themselves and of their organizations. Sheriff Sickler possesses the skills and the values that I and our community treasure. Please join me in voting for Nathan Sickler for sheriff.

Retired Chief Randy Schoen

Central Point

Dangerous to the republic

National politics is Donald Trump’s new venue for criminal enterprise.

To think we once limited him to tax fraud, confidence schemes, bankruptcy courts and reality TV. He is now the darling of “his base” and the Republican Party. He loves North Korea’s dear leader and rubs elbows with Vladimir Putin. Golly, who knew this lying, cheating real estate speculator who neglects paying bills when times get tough could rise so far? He’s an adulterous womanizer and an innkeeper who sells property to launder east European money.

Only the Democratic Party could lose an election to that guy.

The midterms are moments away. Regardless of political affiliation, federal, state and local representatives willing to tolerate this corruption must go. This man is dangerous to our republic. Our representatives pledge their allegiance to our Constitution and the republic for which it stands. They should be held accountable.

Lester Melton


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