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Letters, Oct. 16

A recycling idea

Rogue Disposal and Recycling’s efforts to accept more recycling are appreciated, but it’s at transfer stations. What about seniors?

Some can’t drive, some have medical issues and limitations, or don’t have cars. Many are finding more difficulties just dealing with the daily necessities of living. Nor do most have unlimited funds to hire services for the everyday tasks they used to do themselves.

In this world, plastics seem to be the containers of choice. How are these seniors supposed to get to transfer stations? Yet most household items and food are packaged in plastic.

As usual, seniors are grossly discriminated against in this new world of technology and electronics. And yet seniors often are the most law-abiding citizens. They rinse their containers and obey the rules.

Not that we need more bins, but perhaps Rogue Disposal needs to provide a separate bin for residences (or at least for seniors) that all acceptable plastic recyclables can be put in for pickup (even if only picked up monthly). That way Rogue Disposal can still send them directly (with no sorting) to the mills for recycling.

S. and J. Davey


My fire wish list

A district forester for the Oregon Department of Forestry gets a “wish list” printed as news (and not opinion) in the Mail Tribune while throwing the Forest Service under the bus? OK. As a long-time Rogue Valley resident, here is my wish list for forests and fire management:

  • We come together to find solutions rather than using fire and smoke as a political football.
  • We acknowledge and tackle climate change as a driving force behind longer fire seasons and we utilize old-growth forests to store carbon.
  • We focus small-diameter forest thinning and prescribed fire around homes and communities.
  • We protect large-diameter, fire-resilient trees.
  • We reach out to affected individuals, families and businesses to address the effects of smoke on health and tourism.
  • We thank firefighters and fire managers for trying to lessen the effects of fire and smoke on those of us who have decided to live here in fire country.

George Sexton


Smoke and mirrors

The MT articles regarding our region’s forest fires focus on what politicians will do to stop our smoke-filled summers. I believe the MT should be asking the environmental and conservation activists how they plan to stop it.

For over 100 years, forest managment allowed for logging and extinguishment of forest fires. Now we have a hands -ff management approach, hands off the logs, and let-it-burn mentality to forest fires. Much the same way wild animals become dependent on humans who feed them, the survival of our forest is dependent on active management.

Today’s average forest fire on federally managed lands is about 100,000 acres, four times what is was 25 years ago. Annual logging receipts on federally managed lands have reduced 95 percent over the last 25 years because of lawsuits by environmental and conservation activists. Climate change seriously affects our forest health. Reduced precipitation and increased temperatures are creating tinderbox conditions. The activist ideology prevents them from making the responsible decision to thin our forest to a sustainable level that the climate can sustain. With our national debt exceeding $21.5 trillion, forest management needs to pay for itself through the thinning of trees large and small.

Gordon Challstrom


Government for the people

It has become harder to elect individuals who can and will represent us without fear of being unfairly portrayed as too far left or too far right by opposing interests with big money backing. As a result, our lives now are critically influenced by those with the biggest bank accounts. You can recognize their candidates as we approach the midterm elections by the frequency and size of their ads, though the sponsors are unnamed. We desperately need to revise our campaign finance laws. Meanwhile, a few candidates still demonstrate their personal integrity by talking to constituents in their communities, not in their boardrooms. A few candidates are campaigning the way they would legislate: using courage and principle, not party loyalty and not PAC or corporate money. One of those candidates is Jeff Golden. Please help return our state to government by the people. Vote Golden for Oregon Senate District 3.

Patt Colwell


Supporting Gomez

I’m a local to the Medford area and I’m very much of an active and involved citizen to our valley politics. With this upcoming election in November, it is with great pleasure that I can support someone who holds family values, maintains integrity, has a record of bipartisanship and can talk to anyone despite these divisive times we live in.

I’m glad to support Jessica Gomez for state Senate. Additionally, her being a successful entrepreneur and a strong visionary for the future state of jobs in the Rogue Valley, she understands the needs of both businesses and job seekers. She will definitely support the valley’s mission in economic security and positive values.

Vote for your future, vote for Jessica!

Ruth Moncus


Vote for Cromwell

By any rational consideration, Laura Cromwell deserves to be retained as Circuit Court judge in Jackson County. We don’t need to hope that she will serve justice well, because her proven track record in the District Attorney’s Office, and more recently as Circuit Court judge, has already demonstrated the integrity and insight she will deliver in applying the rule of law, human compassion and equal justice for all!

In addition to her admirable career accomplishments, Judge Cromwell has contributed her time and talent as a bilingual legal volunteer to deserving causes here in Jackson County, throughout Oregon, and beyond.

Judge Cromwell’s experience is unsurpassed, her energy is amazing, and her compassion is meritorious. Please take a few minutes to review her credentials on Facebook at Circuit Court Judge Laura Cromwell. I know you will find her to be well deserving of your vote and your advocacy.

Larry Cromwell

Central Point

Vote for Atkinson

I am writing to tell you why I’m voting for Michelle Blum Atkinson on Nov. 6.

Michelle is active in her community as a member of the Family Nurturing Center board, she played a key role in restoring library services in our county, and she’s the mother of two young girls. Michelle was raised here in the valley, and she’s committed to education, the environment, and economic development.

She understands the importance of consensus building, which is desperately needed in a time where our two parties are so polarized. And she is calm, thoughtful, and even-tempered.

Michelle represents the best of Southern Oregon, and I am proud to recommend her as our District 6 representative in Salem. Please join me in voting for Michelle Blum Atkinson.

Verne Underwood


Golden deserves support

We are fortunate to have an honorable and ethical candidate running for the state Senate in a time when honesty and truth have disappeared from national politics. A candidate who has refused all PAC money and is not beholden to any power source or outside influences.

This man has served his community and his state for most of his adult life and wants to use his past government experience to promote legislation that will help protect our beautiful environment, insure adequate health care coverage for all Oregonians and support improved funding of our educational system. This man stands out among all other candidates.

His name is Jeff Golden and he deserves all our support. We deserve the service he will provide on our behalf, free of PAC pressure.

Yvonne Chilcoat


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