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Letters, Oct. 17


Because of the volume of election letters, we are setting a deadline of 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 19 for letters endorsing or opposing candidates or ballot measures. Election letters received after that time cannot be assured of publication.

Walden is out of touch

Walden refused to answer a direct question posed by Jamie McLeod-Skinner during their debate. She asked if he would commit to additional debates with better public access before ballots are mailed. He said he’s a busy man, and besides, that debate could be accessed easily on live TV and live streaming, implying this is enough for his constituents.

Walden’s claim that the format would be easy to access was false. We started with smart TV technology, moved to a laptop, and resorted to the phone. We are a group of technology literate, educated, good income individuals who had this trouble. I feel sorry for the constituents without the wherewithall to be able to do the same.

Jamie is correct. Additional debates on mainstream platforms should have taken place before ballots drop. What is Walden afraid of?

Jan S. Martin


Witt is best

It is without question that Lanita Witt, M.D., is the best qualified individual to serve Jackson County residents as one of our county commissioners.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Witt across three of her major life undertakings: as a patient in her medical practice, as a farmer/rancher on her family ranch, and as a personal friend. I’ve experienced Dr. Witt as a “people person” with caring concern for the growth and development of those she works with and for and with an effective inclusive decision-making communication style.

She is a listener whose concerns include the health and well-being of those in her employ, in her friendships and in her community. Her wisdom and knowledge and her qualities of reliability, honesty, fairness, thoughtfulness, and her sense of humor make Dr. Witt the best candidate to serve the citizen’s of Jackson County as our commissioner.

Barbara J. Stankus


Not doing their job

Years ago Milton Berle said, “You can lead a man to Congress, but you can’t make him think.” Our Republican-controlled congress exemplifies this. They absolutely won’t even think about doing anything useful such as:

  • Trying to lessen gun violence in our schools and communities.
  • Helping the isolated, “jailed” children and adults.
  • Seeking asylum from cruelty and gang violence.
  • Raising wages to help the poor with higher prices.
  • Providing clean air and water even as the president tears down standards.
  • Working with our allies to block threatening dictators.

I could go on but I just want to make voters think of our country’s needs when they cast their ballots.

Mary Kalakay


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