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Letters, Oct. 18


Because of the volume of election letters we have already received, we are setting a deadline of 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 19 for letters endorsing or opposing candidates or ballot measures. Election letters received after that time cannot be assured of publication.

Call 911

As I was reading the Columnist for a Day column, “Spooky Sunday morning encounter in an empty downtown” in the Oct. 7 Mail Tribune, I was reliving similar experiences in my own life. Needless to say I was very uncomfortable!

Fortunately we don’t have to put up with that type of harassment any longer! I strongly suggest that anyone, male or female, that is being harassed in such a manner dial 911, report the incident as it is happening, give the description of the vehicle and the license number to the authorities. It is very likely this person has harassed or harmed others in the past and will do so in the future! Please do your part!

Teresa Boyles


Where’s my torch?

Well, now that as a Democrat I have been cast as part of an angry mob by the bone-spur dodger and Republican senators, I only have one question: When do I get my torch?

Everyone knows a mob needs torches. If we gave out torches, maybe some Republicans would join our mob knowing how they love torches and all.

Steve Armantrout


A real representative

Ordinary people don’t usually report sightings of Sasquatch— just as they can’t report having seen “our” Congressman Greg Walden in recent years. Judging from his conduct — action taken to support big pharma at the expense of voters whose access to vital health care he has tried in every way to undermine or eliminate over the past several years — he apparently hasn’t seen any of us, either, unless as just a part of his meal ticket.

If we vote for his opponent, Jamie McLeod-Skinner, we are much more likely to get a return on the investment we make in trusting an elected official. We are much more likely to have a real representative.

Janay Haas


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